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national geographic’s “7 billion”: beautiful and terrifying trailer…

learn more about this special series from national geographic:

With the worldwide population expected to exceed seven billion in 2011, National Geographic magazine offers a 7-part series examining specific challenges and solutions to the issues we face. The magazine introduces the series with its January cover story “7 Billion,” offering a broad overview of demographic trends that got us to today and will impact us all tomorrow. The first in-depth story will appear in the March issue, focusing on humans’ impact on the planet’s geology. Other stories will follow throughout 2011.

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meatless monday (really, new year’s) recipe: ozoni…

image from kitchensinkzen

our christmas celebrations were lovely. the night before was spent with the irishman’s mom and christmas day, i drove to san diego for a scrumptious japanese lunch with my parents, then back to the irishman’s mom’s house for evening festivities. i was tired, no doubt, but filled with the joy of the season…

i have to say, out of all the holidays, new year’s day is my absolute favorite. so this year, with delicious memories of my japanese lunch fresh in my mind, i am going to try this recipe from kitchen sink zen’s blog and make a vegetarian version of an all-time favorite: ozoni.

since no dish will ever be as good as my mom’s cooking, i am curious to see how this traditional mochi soup holds up without the dashi. ozoni features a simple broth, usually made with dashi (dried bonito flakes), soy sauce and sugar. my mom always adds mizuno (a delicious green) and fish cakes. the mochi is toasted on the outside and gooey and chewy on the inside – it is beyond!

new year’s day is huge in japanese culture and growing up, we always looked forward to reflecting on the year that has passed and thinking of all the upcoming year would bring. we always had to clean the house from top to bottom so we wouldn’t bring old dirt into the new year (don’t know if that is tradition in other japanese households or a genius move on my mom’s part to get us to clean?!). since this year was especially brutal for my friends and me, i can think of no better way to ring in 2011 than enjoying what is true comfort food for me. how funny (and sad) to go back one year to the beginnings of this blog and read how optimistic i was way back in january of 2010

but i may have to cheat on my meatless monday because the other dish i make for myself each new year’s day is buckwheat noodles (for longevity)…i’m wondering if a kombu or mushroom broth would work? it isn’t a soup you drink, it is meant to be super concentrated and you dip the noodles in quickly and then slurp, slurp, slurp! i have a few days to experiment, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on (and see the recipe for)  the little foodie’s recipe for happy new year soba.

image from the little foodie

and finally, here is good news on food trends for the new year…according to an article by epicurious, meatless mondays and tofu tuesdays are really taking hold!

While it’s hip to go whole hog, with butchers gaining star power and roasts as the focus of many a dinner party, there is a concurrent trend of eating less meat. As we recently pointed out in Back to the Future: 10 Food Trends to Watch Over the Next Decade, the proportion of people eating no meat or less meat is growing, and the nonprofit Meatless Monday initiative no doubt has been one motivator. Meatless Monday’s goal is to encourage U.S. consumers to cut their meat consumption by 15 percent for the betterment of our health and the planet. School districts from Baltimore to New Haven, Santa Barbara to Syracuse, have embraced the cause, as have more than 20 public health organizations, not to mention prominent chefs such as Marcus Samuelsson. We’re forecasting that eating meat-free will be on the calendar more than once a week.

so, here’s to 2011!

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meatless monday (save it for xmas) recipe: savory bread pudding…

image from

how is it possible that christmas is on saturday? crazy! while we’ll be spending the holiday with the irishman’s family, i wanted to post a veggie idea suitable for any fill-in-the-blank-a-vore at your table. chef jeanette’s savory bread pudding is sure to please all in attendance!

filled with portobello mushrooms, rosemary, thyme and herbed goat cheese, this would be a fabulous meatless entrée…but if i were cooking/entertaining, i would serve it as a side with a vegan celebration roast

merry meatless christmas!

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meatless monday recipe: kale salad…

image from

it is hot, hot, HOT here in the valley and i am pooped, pooped, POOPED from all the holiday festivities and work at the store. i’ll be posting photos soon of some of the handmade decorations i put up at work (come join our facebook page to see! and a special thank you/shout out to curbly for some fine DIY ideas!)…so the last thing i want to do is cook.

i’ve been making big batches of dishes as i struggle to stay awake and do a little modernest work and belatedly return phone calls (and most importantly, catch up on judge judy episodes!) each night. the irishman and i haven’t seen each other in awhile (we both have thursday off this week, so maybe another hike is in store. but it says it might turn cloudy and then to rain…how is that possible? it’s been in the high 70s/low 80s all week!) and we haven’t even thought about gifts…um, isn’t xmas like a little more than 2 weeks away?!? yikes!

don’t get me wrong, it’s all good, i love being busy, but i wanted to post a simple, delicious meatless monday recipe that i can whip up in no time and will prove to be a perfect entrée then side dish for the next night. this recipe for kale salad from whole foods will totally do the trick! 5 ingredients and 6g of protein? sign me up!

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“just a fan”, eric ripert vlogs on top chef all stars!

mon dieu! eric ripert is vlogging on bravo (is vlogging a word?)…anyway, check it out here!

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meatless monday recipe: golden chili…

image from soundly vegan

feast your eyes upon a gorgeous bowl of seasonal colors and flavors to warm any heart (and tummy) on a chilly night! …or should i say a “chili” night?

this recipe for golden chili from soundly vegan is filled with sweet and spice and comfort and “a spectrum of carotenoids as well as curcumin-rich turmeric,  and the super antimicrobial herb oregano” <- that was a mouthful! but oh so good for you!

i’m hoping all the flavors will disguise my arch nemesis, tempeh and am wondering if i can throw in some red quinoa instead or just coast on the protein train from the beans…i’m thinking the latter…

thanks, soundly vegan for a beautiful meatless monday!

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l.a. bans the bag sale! exclusively @supermarket!

check out our sale! just in time for the holidays!

* while quantities last…sale ends 01.01.11, so hurry!

** and no, we couldn’t figure out how to lower the prices on the website…any smart programmers out there who can help me?

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