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meatless monday recipe: spicy squash salad with lentils and goat cheese…

image from smitten kitchen

i love fall flavors, so i thought it would be fun to revisit the pairing of lentils and squash. this spicy squash salad from smitten kitchen has all the colors and depth of flavor that i love about autumnal dishes. although deb omitted the arugula, her idea to roast squash seeds struck me as brilliant (although when you think about it, it makes so much sense). the smoky paprika, cumin and goat cheese sound beyond delicious. you can also make this salad with pumpkin – and deb says you could swap feta for the goat cheese – so there’s tons of wiggle room to enjoy this salad (including by adding quinoa to bump up the protein levels).

happy meatless monday!

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project runway: wtf? wretchin’ gretchen wins…

i am still too upset to write about the finale. and even if i weren’t, why bother? project runway has lost the plot completely – rewarding simple, ready to wear crap over design and vision and creativity. i’ve said it before, but this time i mean it – i am done.

the judging was pretty intense and apparently, heidi even called in the big gunn:

but none of it mattered in the long run. the horribly drab, crazy-crotch, granny pants wearing gretchen wins. and all the women who shop at chico’s rejoice…

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just in time for the holidays! “simple times: crafts for poor people” by amy sedaris…

marshmallow & toothpick “stars”

after the tremendous success of her brilliant entertaining guide, “i like you:  hospitality under the influence”, amy sedaris is back with her tribute to crafts and crafty people –simple times: crafts for poor people– complete with bonus video on the amazon page!

highlights from her interview in this morning’s l.a. times (besides the pearl of wisdom, “just figure it out or eyeball it”)…

on the creative process of writing a book:

Why did you decide to break it down into chapters such as “Craft Yourself Homely,” “Shut-Ins” and “Knowing Your Knack for Knickknacks”?

First, I thought I’d break it into seasons, then months, then I came up with the idea of crafting with whatever disability you have and the challenges you have to overcome. That turned out to be a big chapter. Then I wanted to get into nature crafts. I woke up one morning and thought, “I want to do crafting for Jesus because I love Bible crafts.” I started thinking like that, and then I stopped thinking when I had all the chapters.

on her history with crafts, selling potholders and receiving gifts:

Did you grow up making crafts, and do you make any now?

I made ashtrays in first grade, and we did lots of crafts in Girl Scouts and Junior Achievement. I made jewelry and those tissue flowers. I was a Girl Scout through my senior year in high school. I’d wear my uniform to school.

If I do a book signing, I’ll sell things I made. It takes me 20 minutes to make a potholder, and I’ve sold them for $5. This time I’ll sell them for $10 because it’ll come with a tag and I’ll sign it. It’s a lot of work.

I know I’m going to get crafts from people on this book tour like little knitted things. I usually spend time destroying them. I know that sounds awful, but I’ll rip them up and put them in different trash cans. I have to get rid of them.

and finally, what’s next?

What do you think you’ll tackle in your next book?

I think it’ll be something with interiors. I really love working with miniatures, so I might want to expand on that. You have to recuperate after writing a book, and I don’t have anything lined up. I feel so free and open to ideas, and I get inspired by everything. I love this feeling.

But it’s hard when someone says, “Let’s do a craft together,” because I hate crafts now. Everything’s in storage and I don’t want to have anything to do with them.

expect to see a lot of crappy crafty crafts in your xmas stocking this year! or a perusaltron (if i can afford it)…

“simple times: crafts for poor people” – on sale november 2nd!

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the secret life of beef…

thanks to meatless monday and roots of change for giving the head’s up on this terrific little video that talks about the environmental impact of our beef consumption.

you all know i am a huge advocate of meatless mondays and if all americans would decide to forgo meat just once a week, it would be the equivalent of removing 8 million cars from the road. in baltimore city, they have launched meatless mondays in the elementary school – the kids love it (they thought it was going to be some crazy tofu menu) and even at their young age, they prefer to eat meals that are better for the environment.

americans love their hamburgers. they love their beef. but do they really know what it takes to make that one pound of ground beef?

  • seven pounds of grain
  • 2500 gallons of water
  • not to mention the methane and forests destroyed to create pasture land
  • is it really worth it for that quarter pounder with cheese?

livestock production is responsible for 20% of greenhouse emissions worldwide…more than all sources of transportation combined…do you want fries with that?

because the cows need to get fat faster, they are fed corn. because they can’t digest corn, they are given antibiotics. 70% of all antibiotics are given to livestock. 70%. seriously?

info about INFORM (who produced the piece) from the huffington post:

Founded back in 1973, INFORM was originally a research organization and produced 117 in-depth reports for government and business officials on a range of environmental challenges. When its founder stepped aside in 2006, INFORM re-envisioned itself for the 21st century — shifting both its target audience from thought leaders to the general public, and its medium from print to film.

With only 18% of Americans taking action in their daily lives to combat global warming. INFORM wants to use on- and off-line outreach to get its short films onto screens everywhere, including schools, hospitals, state and municipal governments, planes and taxicabs, movie theaters and faith-based communities. If you’d like to show The Secret Life of Beef to your group or organization, or if you have ideas on how to help get the word out, or would like to volunteer with INFORM, please contact

i hope you have the less than 7 minutes it takes to watch the piece – they are not telling you to stop eating meat (there are even meat producers and butchers in the video) – they are asking you to reduce your portion size; buy local and choose grassfed. it might cost more than a mc donald’s hamburger, but it is so worth it in the long run – for you, your family and our planet.

help spread the word!

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meatless monday recipe: sauteed beluga lentils & butternut squash…

image from sprouted kitchen

here is a beautiful fall dish filled with yummy flavors like curry, apple cider vinegar and manchego cheese…warm, colorful and delicious!

as always, hugh’s gorgeous photos accompany sara’s recipe for sauteed beluga lentils & butternut squash. i’ve never had beluga lentils and am excited to try them sauteed. and sara says you can use your (soon to be leftover) pumpkin instead of the butternut squash…brilliant!

happy meatless monday!

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the boys and girls love alec baldwin!…

i would totally attend this wedding!

first there was the proposal:

and then, the response:

all for a good cause…go donate what you can and spread the word:!

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president obama: “it gets better”…

this is what leadership looks like.

for many, this video might seem contradictory since “don’t ask, don’t tell” was recently reinstated and many are disappointed with obama – and i was too, initially. but we have to remember that as president, he is tasked with upholding the laws of the land…even if he doesn’t believe in them personally.

here are two articles from the new york times and the atlantic that help to explain the moral and legal pickle that the obama administration finds itself in.

so while many in the LGBT community and on the left feel frustrated, i hope we can take a moment to acknowledge the importance and impact that this message will hopefully have on our LGBT youth…it does get better.

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