a $17,000 blast chiller, a $4.99 app or a $1.99 spider skimmer? holiday gifts for your favorite foodie…

image from l.a. times

thursday’s food section in the l.a. times had some terrific holiday ideas for the home chef on your list. sous-vide machines, hand-held smokers and induction burners – cooking at home now has 5 star aspirations…i mean, how did i live so long without wanting (or knowing i wanted) a $600 vitamix pro 500 series blender?

much closer to reality is russ parson’s article about the cooking essentials that will be the go-to tools for any cook on your list. whether you buy them individually as stocking stuffers or do the whole kit and kaboodle in a gift basket (may i suggest a modernest bag?), these items will not gather dust on the counter and all are well below $10 each. personally, i would love a microplane grater (hint, hint irishman!)…

and finally, a list of apps that range from free to $4.99 (for mark bittman’s “how to cook everything” app…hint, hint, hint!…). for now, i’m going to install EPI, a free app from epicurious that puts 25,000 recipes from the archives of bon appétit and gourmet at my fingertips…how handy!

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