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meatless monday recipe: kale mashed potatoes..

image from 101 cookbooks

here in l.a., we went from the upper 70s to rain and back again today. i had to work yesterday and so by the time i got home, cooking (and meatless monday) was the last thing on my mind. luckily for me, i had all the fixin’s for this hearty and tummy-satisfying comfort food on hand! heidi’s super simple recipe for kale mashed potatoes is not only easy to make, but a terrific way to get kids to eat their dark leafy greens! it would be equally delicious with spinach (she says it might be a struggle), but i think if you put some cheddar and/or jack cheese on it and wrap it in a tortilla, it could happen!

i love this recipe, not only for its simplicity, but because it doesn’t call for a ton of butter. she says you can also make it with white beans, i’m definitely going to try that next time…but for now, i have some leftovers and i think crispy kale mashed potatoes and eggs are on my meatless monday breakfast horizon!

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meatless monday recipe: kimchi fried rice…

image from herbivoracious

perfect timing! found this recipe for kimchi fried rice on herbivoracious blog and lucky me, i have all the ingredients on hand! so today’s meatless monday recipe is a cinch for this half-asian gal. i’m loving the idea of this crispy, spicy, easy-peasy dish and it never occurred to me to actually cook with kimchi!

image from herbivoracious

and since i don’t have to go to the market for this recipe (it almost feels like cheating…crazy asian psychology…thank you, tiger mom! < just kidding…), i’m linking a second recipe from michael’s blog for this fresh and lovely young coconut salad. we have these at whole foods and i see people buying them all the time…oh and “pomegranate arils” just means the seeds (had to google it, it’s fun to learn new words). plus, i love coconut water, so this double meatless monday post even gives me my beverage on the side!

thanks, herbivoracious!

…is it me? or are there a lot of random, disjointed, exclamation-marked sentences in this post?

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meatless monday recipe & welcome, jamie oliver!

image from slash food

i know this is probably old news for most of you foodies, but jamie oliver and his food revolution have arrived in l.a.! slash food met up with him at his new digs in westwood to discuss his plans for making change in the city of angels.

he’s got a tricked out mobile kitchen truck to take to the streets of l.a. (and get out of the westside), but has met with great resistance from l.a. unified (they refuse to let camera crews on campus) – but as we’ve seen in his show, perseverance is his middle name. LAUSD says it doesn’t want to be involved with reality tv. jamie begs to differ and says what he does is more documentary than reality…but the bottom line is, our schools need help. so many kids can’t even name a vegetable, let alone know they can eat it. so what to do?

GOOD has an awesome interview with jamie that is definitely worth the read. how do you get a school district that spans 700 square miles and feeds 650,000 kids per day to listen? you get the parents pissed off and activated. not just the parents, but all of us. join the food revolution los angeles facebook page and do your part!

okay. on to meatless mondays…

image from jamie oliver

with all the games going on leading up to the superbowl, i wanted to find a sophisticated, delicious and easy to prepare appetizer that could sit proudly with all the standard wings and things. jamie’s recipe for baby artichoke bruschette does the trick! simple and rustic, this also would work next to a lovely quinoa or simple salad any day of the week!

thanks jamie, for all that you do!

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meatless monday recipe: vegan meatless meatloaf (and a top 14?)…

i love “best of…” lists, especially when i’m not the one making them! so a big thanks to susan over at favorite fat free vegan kitchen for compiling her favorite top 10 recipes from her fat free fabulous blog.

i’m choosing her “thanksgiving meatless loaf” as my favorite because i have cooked it a few times and has become one of my go to recipes when i want a hearty meal (perfect with mashed potatoes and green beans)…it’s great on sandwiches too!

and on a final note, happy 5th anniversary to susan and her blog!

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