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meatless st. patrick’s day recipe: dublin coddle with vegan irish sausage…

image from fat-free vegan

it has been a rough week. one of the roughest, emotionally. so i have to be honest…i’m not sure i have the wherewithal to actually make my own sausages this week, but fat-free vegan’s recipe for dublin coddle with vegan irish sausage is so brilliant, i had to share. once things get back to some sort of normal, i will definitely try my hand at it. and because i’m making a meatless monday version, i can finish mine off with guinness…now that’s a yummy touch of the luck of the irish!

the whole idea of st. patrick’s day recipes seems to be more of an american concept. growing up half irish, i don’t really remember making a big deal out of our st. paddy’s day dinners – sure, we would have corned beef from time to time, but it seemed to be more a matter of it was in the store and we liked it, rather than driven by some some tradition passed down through the generations.

here at our house, we eat a lot of veggie sausages. i do get freaked out sometimes with how processed they are and since they are usually non-organic, the soy inside isn’t the best thing to be grubbin’ on. so the thought of being able to make my own sausage is a pretty exciting concept. i love susan’s idea of using liquid smoke instead of the fake bacon (another go to faux meat) and i might add some kale to up the nutritional value. no st. paddy’s day meal (americanized or not) would be complete without a big hunk of irish soda bread and of course, a pint of guinness! so, happy st. patrick’s day, everybody!

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25 meatless monday recipes from food 52…

feast your eyes upon 3 of the 25 delicious meatless monday recipes gathered by food 52. it’s a beautiful collection – maybe you’ll do what i did and bookmark it for future reference and inspiration (i, for one, will be trying the roasted radish and potato salad as a side dish…roasted radishes? who knew!).

all my days are blending into one long day, so i have to admit that meatless monday kind of crept up on me this week. i was so exhausted yesterday, i ended up flaking on a very dear friend who is moving out of the country for an exciting job opportunity. i know this lack of energy has a lot to do with my diet (i’ve been eating tons of carbs lately…and, ice cream). so i’m thinking starting next week, i will truly give our health starts here nutritional plan a go…i think the hardest part will be giving up cheese, although all the vegans i know swear by daiya cheese. we’ll see…

and to end this rambling post, meatless monday and saveur magazine shared this glimpse into the past:

wartime posters that encouraged americans to eat more veggies and waste less food. the rules still hold true today…

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vw unveils new electric concept car…

what do you think of vw’s new microbus concept?


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