meatless monday recipe: golden chili…

image from soundly vegan

feast your eyes upon a gorgeous bowl of seasonal colors and flavors to warm any heart (and tummy) on a chilly night! …or should i say a “chili” night?

this recipe for golden chili from soundly vegan is filled with sweet and spice and comfort and “a spectrum of carotenoids as well as curcumin-rich turmeric,  and the super antimicrobial herb oregano” <- that was a mouthful! but oh so good for you!

i’m hoping all the flavors will disguise my arch nemesis, tempeh and am wondering if i can throw in some red quinoa instead or just coast on the protein train from the beans…i’m thinking the latter…

thanks, soundly vegan for a beautiful meatless monday!

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4 responses to “meatless monday recipe: golden chili…

  1. You’re very welcome! Also, have you tried steaming tempeh before you use it? Steaming it mellows out the bitterness and makes it far more palatable.



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