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sign and share: tell the FDA to label #gmo via @JustLabelIt

it’s gonna be a long, but fantastic (plant-strong!) day at work, so i have just a moment to ask you to take action!

please share this short, but effective video from just label it – and while you’re there, please sign the petition telling the fda to label gmo’s in our food. another good resource to check out is the non-gmo project, providing 3rd party verificiation of gmo-free products and food democracy now – an awesome website of action and info.

in addition to the non-gmo project verified product list, the only way you can be sure about what you’re eating is to buy organic products. it’s ridiculous that america labels for transfats and allergens, but not gmos. we have a right to know.

finally, support your local farmers and check out real time farms!

okay, i’m off to work – a visit to kenter canyon farms and then, an engine 2 diet 28 day challenge kickoff at a local high school. i love my job!

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#meatlessmonday recipe: pan roasted brussel sprouts and a new cookbook from @herbivoracious…

image from herbivoracious

our c.s.a. box from underwood family farms has been a bounty of root vegetables, lettuces, cabbages and one of my favorites, brussel sprouts. since the irishman doesn’t like brussel sprouts, i’ve been searching for different ways to cook them for myself. yesterday, as i lay on the couch (the 2nd day of a brutal cold), giada de laurentiis made a light, bright salad by blanching the leaves and mixing them with arugula, endive and a simple vinaigrette (just lemon juice and olive oil). while that sounds very appealing, i am looking for something a little more hearty to get me through this funk…

as i do many sunday mornings, i look for my meatless monday inspiration on michael natkin’s awesome blog, herbivoracious. his recipe for pan roasted brussel sprouts with shiitakes and smoked paprika will definitely hit the spot! with just 7 ingredients (5 of which i already have) and a very simple preparation, i think i can muster the energy to make this meal tomorrow with a little brown rice on the side.

i’ve been a fan of michael’s blog for a long time and always found it interesting that a software developer at adobe was able to not only create such delicious recipes, but was an entertaining and informative writer and talented food photographer as well. so, i was quite excited to read (rather belatedly) that his new cookbook will be hitting the stands in may!

not only is he going on a book tour (i’ll be sure to attend), he’s going to quit his day job to pursue his passion full time…wowza! i think many of us have learned lessons from this downsized economy and are searching for different routes to happiness…like our farm fund…we want our lives to be more authentic and we’re willing to sacrifice comfort and what little security we have to get there.

thanks, herbivoracious for a truly inspiring meatless monday!

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