top chef all stars…it’s gonna get hot in the kitchen!

ooh, the latest and (possibly) the greatest – until they bring back all the winners for a champion of champions showdown – installment of top chef started this week and it’s going to be soooo good! i do wish kevin would have come back from season 6, but i am thrilled to see richard blais and hooty-hoo carla…and i hope the awesomely talented jennifer has got her sh*t together this time and won’t choke since she knows the pressures and has a lot to prove…they all do. i could have lived without antonia. or the tiffany’s (both with an “i” and a “y”) or dirty hat spike. and speaking of dirty, what’s up with fabio’s hair? we’ll see if stephen and dale and marcel (his eyeball soup scared me a little) will be a little more likable this time around (somehow i doubt it – although marcel does have the talent to back up his arrogance)…or if jamie has finally mastered the cooking of a scallop (she already has 2 strikes against her in my book by saying she only cared about her own dish (hello? team challenge?) and for knocking eric ripert’s dish (um, i’m sorry, who are you again?)…but for now, i will say the first elimination challenge was pretty brilliant (recreate the meal that got you eliminated) and bourdain (permanent judge this season) served up some doozies at the judge’s table:  “it looked like a dead animal turned inside out”…OUCH!

i’m going to give my top 3 prediction and won’t say a word about the elimination this week:

  1. richard blais
  2. angelo
  3. and then i’m not sure…jennifer? marcel?

not much of a prediction, is it? except for putting my money on richard blais…what are your thoughts?

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