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meatless monday recipe: avocado wasabi salad…

image from vegan yum yum

well, this one will have to be for little old me alone…the irishman doesn’t do avocados or wasabi…but this recipe looked too delicious to pass up! i don’t have much to say, it’s a salad. a lovely salad. a lovely salad with unique flavors. and i’m making it tonight for dinner.

i guess my lack of words could be due to the fact that this week, i conquered my fears and went for a spontaneous paraglide…say what? you heard me! little miss vertigo was flying high in the sky on tuesday. feet dangling over mountains. soaring up, up, up in the sky!

i had booked a surprise paraglide for the irishman’s birthday in june. we drove up to malibu, under the pretense of an awesome hike and a delicious mountaintop lunch (courtesy of the specialty department at whole foods). after about 45 minutes of wandering around in the blazing hot sun (i couldn’t find the rendezvous), we finally saw the guys – cliff ryder (yes, that’s his name) and his friend, steven. i went up asking about some super secret hiking trail. they said, they didn’t know the trail, but they did know it was tim’s birthday and they were his birthday present! it took him a moment to figure out what was going on. long story too long, we didn’t end up doing it that day, just hung out on the mountain with two amazing life-loving guys, eating cheese and olives and bread and having a splendid time.

fast forward a month later. it’s time for tim’s paraglide. we get out to malibu and they literally jump off the cliff. they fly low, over mountain ridges and soar up over a mountain and descend down to the sand. they land like little ballerinas in between sunbathers and beach goers. it is perfect. cliff takes us out for celebratory cocktails at duke’s and we try to figure out what to do next. cliff and tim are giddy from their ride. i’m a bit jealous, i must admit – but know that i cannot jump off like they did. cliff offers up kayaking and swimming (it’s an especially beautiful day in malibu). OR we could get in the car and drive to san bernardino/lake arrowhead and i could paraglide TODAY! gulp.

i decide to go for it! we drive for hours and end up at a beautiful berm. a rolling hill and perfect wind conditions. we run (i, rather awkwardly) and then, we are flying! gently, silently (minus my squeals), magically. it was amazing and life-changing.

we’re still waiting for videos from cliff, but if you live in l.a. and want to do something like this, we highly recommend cliff ryder! i’ll post the videos as soon as we get ’em…

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