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it’s been a long time…

Image2011 was a tough year. life felt scattered and fuzzy and challenging and frustrating. friends faced major illnesses, financial upheaval, the loss of loved ones. we all had to let go of something – homes, jobs, a way of life. we scaled back and huddled together, wondering when the storm would pass. but through all the struggle, came a clarity – a realization of what truly matters – we gave an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold…stripped of all that we thought we knew, we were left with ourselves and each other. conversations became more meaningful, connections more genuine.

the approach of the end of the year usually brings loads of self-reflection. but this year, i feel i’ve been doing it every day. instead of writing here, i’ve been buried in my journal, trying to figure out what happened…but our financial implosion was caused by people i’ll never know and by a sense of greed and a disregard for others that i cannot comprehend. so all i can focus on is what i do know…i have an incredible circle of friends, an amazing and talented boyfriend and 2 dogs that bring me joy each and every day, i have my health, a creative mind and i work for a company i love. i feel things are coming back into focus. i feel a shift in the air and that 2012 won’t be as brutal as 2011 was. we’ve all become untethered from possessions and ways of thinking that were holding us back. and in that liberation, we must find a way to move forward. together.

i feel my life is more authentic now and to 2012, i say, “bring it!” … i’m ready.



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