meatless monday recipe: kale salad…

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it is hot, hot, HOT here in the valley and i am pooped, pooped, POOPED from all the holiday festivities and work at the store. i’ll be posting photos soon of some of the handmade decorations i put up at work (come join our facebook page to see! and a special thank you/shout out to curbly for some fine DIY ideas!)…so the last thing i want to do is cook.

i’ve been making big batches of dishes as i struggle to stay awake and do a little modernest work and belatedly return phone calls (and most importantly, catch up on judge judy episodes!) each night. the irishman and i haven’t seen each other in awhile (we both have thursday off this week, so maybe another hike is in store. but it says it might turn cloudy and then to rain…how is that possible? it’s been in the high 70s/low 80s all week!) and we haven’t even thought about gifts…um, isn’t xmas like a little more than 2 weeks away?!? yikes!

don’t get me wrong, it’s all good, i love being busy, but i wanted to post a simple, delicious meatless monday recipe that i can whip up in no time and will prove to be a perfect entrée then side dish for the next night. this recipe for kale salad from whole foods will totally do the trick! 5 ingredients and 6g of protein? sign me up!

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