meatless monday recipe: kimchi fried rice…

image from herbivoracious

perfect timing! found this recipe for kimchi fried rice on herbivoracious blog and lucky me, i have all the ingredients on hand! so today’s meatless monday recipe is a cinch for this half-asian gal. i’m loving the idea of this crispy, spicy, easy-peasy dish and it never occurred to me to actually cook with kimchi!

image from herbivoracious

and since i don’t have to go to the market for this recipe (it almost feels like cheating…crazy asian psychology…thank you, tiger mom! < just kidding…), i’m linking a second recipe from michael’s blog for this fresh and lovely young coconut salad. we have these at whole foods and i see people buying them all the time…oh and “pomegranate arils” just means the seeds (had to google it, it’s fun to learn new words). plus, i love coconut water, so this double meatless monday post even gives me my beverage on the side!

thanks, herbivoracious!

…is it me? or are there a lot of random, disjointed, exclamation-marked sentences in this post?

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4 responses to “meatless monday recipe: kimchi fried rice…

  1. natalie

    yum this looks really good…can’t wait to try it!

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