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a wee voice makes big change: neverseconds…

maybe you already know about young scottish VEG (Veritas Ex Gustu, “truth from tasting” in Latin), the brilliant 9 year old whose blog neverseconds has, in less than 20 posts, revolutionized her school lunch program (with a little help from jamie oliver).  basically, little martha payne blogged (complete with ratings – including “pieces of hair”) about her school lunches, with unappetizing photos like this one:

brown lunch with 3(!) cucumbers via neverseconds

and now, look like this:

not perfect, but a definite improvement | via neverseconds

the other completely charming thing about this blog is that other school children send photos of their lunches to martha. this one from japan is my favorite:

so, in a very short time and all thanks to martha, kids at her school are now able to have as much bread, fruit and veggies as they want…way to go, VEG!

UPDATE little martha has been shut down by politicians!

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meatless monday recipe & welcome, jamie oliver!

image from slash food

i know this is probably old news for most of you foodies, but jamie oliver and his food revolution have arrived in l.a.! slash food met up with him at his new digs in westwood to discuss his plans for making change in the city of angels.

he’s got a tricked out mobile kitchen truck to take to the streets of l.a. (and get out of the westside), but has met with great resistance from l.a. unified (they refuse to let camera crews on campus) – but as we’ve seen in his show, perseverance is his middle name. LAUSD says it doesn’t want to be involved with reality tv. jamie begs to differ and says what he does is more documentary than reality…but the bottom line is, our schools need help. so many kids can’t even name a vegetable, let alone know they can eat it. so what to do?

GOOD has an awesome interview with jamie that is definitely worth the read. how do you get a school district that spans 700 square miles and feeds 650,000 kids per day to listen? you get the parents pissed off and activated. not just the parents, but all of us. join the food revolution los angeles facebook page and do your part!

okay. on to meatless mondays…

image from jamie oliver

with all the games going on leading up to the superbowl, i wanted to find a sophisticated, delicious and easy to prepare appetizer that could sit proudly with all the standard wings and things. jamie’s recipe for baby artichoke bruschette does the trick! simple and rustic, this also would work next to a lovely quinoa or simple salad any day of the week!

thanks jamie, for all that you do!

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