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an eco-friendly easter idea – fill up a modernest egg tote bag!

image from modernest

it’s hard to believe, but easter is right around the corner!

instead of all that plastic, why not fill up one of our egg tote bags with all those treats and peeps? it would be a terrific way to teach kids about the 3 r’s of: reduce, reuse, recycle. and once the festivities have ended, you (or your child) will have a bag to carry for years to come! you could use recycled shredded paper at the bottom, instead of that crazy plastic “grass”. and even better if you fill the bag with homemade/locally sourced sweets and treats! it could be a cool way of modernizing an easter tradition.

i don’t eat them, but i gotta throw in a photo of a peep!

it’s funny, but when i look at it, it kind of looks like a yellow poopy with an eye drawn on it…not to ruin your candy-coated mood or anything!

happy easter!

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a good way to start the day…

this really brightened my morning, so i had to share with you…a happy client sent in this photo of her jumbo typography tote bag next to her very handsome, modern design loving pooch!

we love seeing our bags in action, so please, keep ’em coming!!

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hello spring! time to change the clocks and time for cherry blossoms…

after an especially harsh winter (even in l.a.!), i am so excited to see the first cherry blossoms coming into bloom. growing up, the first days of spring were always happy times at our house. most years, my mother would prepare a lovely picnic for us to take to the park or go for a hike up in the mountains and we would just sit and appreciate nature’s renewal and rebirth.

image from modernest.com (of course!)

so, it is only fitting that modernest’s debut collection would include a cherry blossom bag (featuring a lovely illustration by my ├╝ber talented boyfriend).

how i wish we had the time and money to travel d.c. or san francisco where we have friends to stay with and see the cherry blossom festivals in full swing…maybe next year. but for now, i will be happy to tote around a bit of that springtime spirit and with it, appreciation for my mom instilling in us an optimism that life, like nature, is always changing…

…and speaking of changing, don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend!

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