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yay, she’s baaaaack! annie leonard’s “the story of electronics”…

the story of electronics came out yesterday.  it talks about all those gadgets and “iStuff” (believe me, we own a lot of it) that’s so fantastic and convenient and cool…but what about the relatively short lives they live in our pads, purses or pockets? all those electronics that are cheaper to toss than to repair…annie leonard calls this “design for the dump” and it refers to the 18 months that we usually keep our electronics – whether it’s because the latest and greatest just came out or because things are’t built as well as they used to be…and what about all those toxins to make them and the risk to the workers who make them? each year, we create 25 million tons of e-waste, very little of it actually recycled.

so she’s calling for us to sign a petition sponsored by the electronics takeback coalition, urging ceo’s of electronics companies to “make ’em safe. make ’em last. take ’em back.” i hope you’ll take the time to watch the piece (i love the john cusack-like cameo) and if you can, sign the petition!

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i ♥ annie leonard…story of cosmetics

i don’t really wear makeup, but i do use a lot of lotions and potions trying to turn back time and mend the damage from the california sun, to make my hair shinier, make my teeth whiter and on and on… but what’s really in all those jars and bottles of promised miracles?

check out annie leonard’s latest: the story of cosmeticstoxins in, toxins out – as always, it is a brilliant and eye-opening 10 minutes. she urges you to visit safecosmetics.org.

and if you missed the article in the latimes, it’s here on my blog – with links to her other works: the story of stuff and the story of bottled water.

get involved and spread the word!

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good read! @latimes talks about “story of stuff”…

there’s a terrific article in today’s la times about annie leonard and her highly successful videos such as, “the story of stuff”. i love annie leonard and her ability to make dense subjects more understandable and accessible to so many (12 million and counting!). her works have been translated into more than 15 languages.

“We environmentalists are a whiny, wonky bunch,” Leonard says. “We bombard people with facts. But who wants to join a movement where people just scold you? We have to make it inspiring. We have to make it fun.”

i’ve blogged about her “story of stuff”, “story of cap and trade” and “story of bottled water“. up next, “story of cosmetics” and “story of electronics”….and maybe if i can stomach it, a recommended trip to a city dump…she says it’s like a “society’s secret journal”.  we all need to think about what we buy and whether it or not is worth a lifetime in a landfill.

and if all of this seems too heavy (you really should read the article, she lives a lovely communal life filled with deep meaning), let me close with this quote:

If her videos leave you overwhelmed, Leonard has an answer: “I’ve been reading about the emerging science of happiness,” she says merrily. “It turns out that after our basic needs are met, more stuff doesn’t make us happy. It’s the quality of our relationships. It’s coming together around shared goals.

“So, re-engage! It’s more fun.”

you know i will post “story of cosmetics” as soon as it is released july 21.

cheers to annie leonard!

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new from annie leonard: the story of bottled water…

annie leonard (“the story of stuff“) is back with a quick and informative video,”the story of bottled water“. it is definitely worth a look. all about tap water in those heavily marketed plastic bottles with images of mountain springs (she suggests replacing them with mountains of unrecycled plastic bottles). did you know that those plastic bottles use the same amount of fuel that would fill 1 million cars? ridiculous.

i had blogged about her before, here’s the post in case you missed it.

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the story of cap and trade …

from the makers of “the story of stuff” comes “the story of cap and trade” – a 10 minute easy to understand short about the cap and trade measurement being discussed on capitol hill and at the international climate talks in copenhagen. (it took forever for the video to load on annie leonard’s site, so you can also view it here on youtube).

basically, the video shows that the current proposal will not save the planet, but will line the pockets of big corporate polluters and the “agents” who bring the traders and tradees together. it will create a $3 trillion bubble – but when this bubble pops, it may take the planet with it.

ms. leonard says that the “cap” of cap and trade is a smart move – it is the “trade” part where things get a little shady. a viable option is a carbon tax being proposed by NASA climate expert james hansen – you can read his op-ed from sunday’s new york times here.

i don’t claim to understand a lot of this. and maybe cap and trade is the best we can do and that is better than nothing (which is heartbreaking and frustrating to even say) – all i know is i’m going to try to learn more and get involved. since the epa just declared that carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride – chemicals produced in refineries and cars, among other places – now officially harm human health, maybe that will add some teeth back into the waxman-markey bill

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