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when good deeds meet great design…

as you may know, i work at whole foods and i love anthropologie…it could be that i work at whole foods so i can shop at anthropologie (minus the looming major car repair this month)…

so this earth day, i can honestly say, my worlds are colliding! last month, a super chic and lovely lady from the beverly hills anthropologie store came in to ask if she could have our corks. whole foods market collects corks from our customers to return to cork reharvest – an awesome organization who then recycles these 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable beauties via the recycling arm of the cork forest conservation alliance. in our store alone, i return, on average, one 4’x2′ box per month…that’s a lot of corks!

anthropologie collected over 2 million corks to create some stunning visual displays…you can see more here on their facebook page.

big earth day cheers to cork reharvest, anthropologie and whole foods market!

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yay, she’s baaaaack! annie leonard’s “the story of electronics”…

the story of electronics came out yesterday.  it talks about all those gadgets and “iStuff” (believe me, we own a lot of it) that’s so fantastic and convenient and cool…but what about the relatively short lives they live in our pads, purses or pockets? all those electronics that are cheaper to toss than to repair…annie leonard calls this “design for the dump” and it refers to the 18 months that we usually keep our electronics – whether it’s because the latest and greatest just came out or because things are’t built as well as they used to be…and what about all those toxins to make them and the risk to the workers who make them? each year, we create 25 million tons of e-waste, very little of it actually recycled.

so she’s calling for us to sign a petition sponsored by the electronics takeback coalition, urging ceo’s of electronics companies to “make ’em safe. make ’em last. take ’em back.” i hope you’ll take the time to watch the piece (i love the john cusack-like cameo) and if you can, sign the petition!

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single use hand towels…kleenex blows!

my friend marie told me about this ad she saw on tv (may take a moment to load). in it, there is a side by side comparison of a teeny, tiny washcloth and the shiny box of kleenex single use disposable hand towels.

up ahead, more trees will die so you can dry your hands! because as kleenex says, “your hands are only as clean as the towel used to dry them.” all you dirty piggies, exit right…

i love that there is a sound of coughing in the background (ooh, germs!) and that a big drooly dog takes down the tiny washcloth (because that happens all the time…). isn’t the point of washing your hands with this invention called “soap” supposed to kill germs? but wait! you can use the paper towel to wipe off the sink and counter when you’re finished…who are these people? and what are they doing in the bathroom? maybe the beautiful designer dispenser will sway you…

no? not convinced yet? well what about hanging it from the towel rack you no longer need?

now, that is gas station chic!

seriously, if you’re so paranoid about the germs being spread by your own family, maybe you could have your own individual  hand towels…we let ours dry outside – i’ve never had a funky towel in all my life – i swear, this whole thing makes me so angry. and what is that stupid dispenser made of? plastic? dyed paper? good job, kleenex! and at $2.99 for 60 towels…that is a pretty expensive investment for a family of four.

oh and i almost forgot, their “cottony-soft sheets are free of inks, dyes, and fragrances” – no post-consumer, recycled product here folks, – this is about “a clean, fresh towel every time” – trees be damned!


would love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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more tips from the recyclist…

if you’re like me, you’re not 100% sure about all that can go into the recycle bin. well, LA residents, take heart! in this morning’s home section of the LA times, rene lynch (a.k.a. the recyclist) has opened the forum for all those questions you may have about the 3 R’s of reduce, reuse, recycle.

oddly enough, the online version of the recyclist didn’t have all the links that today’s paper did. you can also ask rene questions and send her topic ideas at latimes.com/home  > “recyclist”.

anyway, here is what was in the actual paper this morning that i couldn’t find online:

  • what can go in the recycle bin? for LA, visit:  http://www.lacitysan.org > recycling > what you can recycle at the curb
  • long beach now takes styrofoam (but not peanuts), recycle your clean peanuts (there’s a joke in there somewhere) at ups, fedex, or mail boxes, inc.
  • give your recyclables a quick wash and rinse (warm soapy water) to ensure that they will actually be recycled once they are in the bin
  • have hazardous waste (i.e., paint thinner, motor oil, batteries, computers)? find your nearest drop-off point at http://www.longbeach-recycles.org > hazardous waste or for a calendar of curbside pickups go to http://www.ladpw.org/general/enotify/Calendar_Template/Calendar.aspx
  • what about all that miscellaneous plastic stuff you are just not sure of? those bottle tops cannot be recycled. long beach recycles ziploc bags, but i don’t think LA does. take your dry cleaning bags back to the dry cleaners. baggies in LA? yes. cereal packaging? yes. pizza box? not the greasy bottom, yes to the clean top.

rene seems pretty serious about answering our questions – so let’s take her up on her offer and then share the information!

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extra! extra! read all about it! new wallpaper breathes life into yesterday’s headlines…

it’s been a crazy week and i am pretty behind in my reading, but this post on the LA times home section blog was too good not to share!

on first glance, lori weitzner’s “newsworthy” wallpaper looks like grass cloth…but wait! look closer! it is actually strips of recycled newspaper that have been hand woven on a loom…brilliant! i find it to be texturally inviting, comforting and pretty crafty in an über chic reduce, reuse and recycle kind of a way!

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an eco-friendly easter idea – fill up a modernest egg tote bag!

image from modernest

it’s hard to believe, but easter is right around the corner!

instead of all that plastic, why not fill up one of our egg tote bags with all those treats and peeps? it would be a terrific way to teach kids about the 3 r’s of: reduce, reuse, recycle. and once the festivities have ended, you (or your child) will have a bag to carry for years to come! you could use recycled shredded paper at the bottom, instead of that crazy plastic “grass”. and even better if you fill the bag with homemade/locally sourced sweets and treats! it could be a cool way of modernizing an easter tradition.

i don’t eat them, but i gotta throw in a photo of a peep!

it’s funny, but when i look at it, it kind of looks like a yellow poopy with an eye drawn on it…not to ruin your candy-coated mood or anything!

happy easter!

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the new phone book’s here! let your fingers do the walking (out)…

image from "the jerk"

unlike navin johnson, few of us are very excited that the new phone book’s here…most of us dread that familiar thud! of the phone book’s arrival on our porch or seeing the mountain piled up in our lobbies. yesterday, i tried to catch the person and tell them i didn’t want or need it, but no luck…

treehugger posted not only the environmental impact of these directories, but also ways that you can opt out of the delivery list. clearly, some people (i.e., my mother) use their phone books, but for those of us who have absolutely no need, it’s such a waste of energy and materials. we carry ours (still wrapped in the plastic) to the recycle bin. it’s ridiculous.

the yellow pages association states that they want their products to be “welcome in your home”, so have an opt out page. but as triple pundit pointed out in 2008(!), many directories are published by independent printers. all those advertisements make up a multi-billion dollar business.  he suggests that those who actually want the books pay for them. but i don’t know if it’s fair for my mom (or anyone else, senior citizen or not) to have to pay for something that has been useful and free to her for decades.

people have been talking about this for years now. obviously, there are people who want a new phone book. there are small businesses who believe advertising in them is helpful to their profits. i honestly would be willing to pay a small fee to be removed from their delivery list – does anybody know if this service exists?

for now, i will register with the yellow pages opt out and see what happens…and while opting out is no guarantee, i may be one small step closer to avoiding the dreaded thud.

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