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#meatlessmonday recipe: miso sesame winter squash…

image from 101 cookbooks

i got home last night and was in a cooking and roasting frenzy! the irishman and i have a hard time keeping up with our weekly c.s.a. delivery and since another bountiful box is coming tomorrow, there were still loads of veggies waiting for their debut in our fridge. i was roasting squash and broccoli and whipping up a black kale, bok choy and tatsoi stir fry to go over brown rice for dinner/lunch/dinner like a madwoman! so you could imagine my sorrow when searching for today’s meatless monday post, that i came across heidi’s recipe for miso sesame winter squash…suddenly my stir fry seemed so amateurish!

and considering the fact that this week’s box from underwood family farms contains the following:

1 bunch Candy Beets
1 bunch Yellow Carrots
1  Green Leaf Lettuce
1 pound Broccoli
1 Celery
1 Celery Root
1 bunch Italian Parsley
1 Colored Cauliflower
1 bunch Rainbow Chard
1/2 pound Brussel Sprouts
1 Green Cabbage
1 basket Blueberries
i’ll have to wait until the next time squash makes an appearance…although i am pretty darned excited about brussel sprouts & celery root!
happy meatless monday (and tuesday and wednesday and thursday…well, you get the idea)!
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a personal plea from dion neutra to save the kronish house…

images from neutra.org

things are not looking good for the kronish house, the largest neutra in beverly hills. not even waiting until the agreed upon extension date next month, the owners have taken the house off the market and have started asbestos abatement (do they even have a permit?). there’s something fishy about this move, it reeks of backdoor deals – are they doing this so that the new owners won’t have blood on their hands? this way, the demolition has already been done and the new owners will be free to build the mc mansion of their dreams on 2 acres of prime beverly hills land. because that’s what beverly hills needs…

time is really ticking on this one. dion neutra is asking EVERYONE to attend the beverly hills city council meeting tomorrow evening (public comments will be heard around 7:15pm, so get there by 7pm). and please, please sign and share this letter addressed to the mayor and city council. it will only take a moment, and it could make all the difference in the world.

we need to unite as an international voice – too often, money trumps historic preservation. absolute worst case scenario, we lose the kronish (and i don’t type that lightly), but we pave the way for historic/cultural preservation to be the norm in beverly hills and not the demolition of irreplaceable treasures of architectural art.

p.s. if you were planning on attending the event on the 24th, it has been CANCELED. that’s why this latest push is so important. it is critical that we spread the word and do all we can in the time remaining.

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until we can afford adult sized… modern miniatures…

i’ve been meaning to post the fabulous gift we received from my boyfriend’s mom. she is a true artist when it comes to miniatures and when she came across this little beauty, she had to get it for us! so, here is our miniature mid-century modern starter set! tim is going to build us a lovely modern home now that we have the living and dining room ready to go! i think he will probably build some sculptures and mobiles and paint some mini-canvases for the perfect finishing touches!

maybe he can also work on a mini jere sculpture for above the fireplace (and build the fireplace) and we definitely will need some pottery…such fun!

check out this article from the ny times, called modern design, in miniature is growing. in it, they talk about my new hero, christine ferrara and my new favorite blog, call of the small – which shows you how creative and fantastic and exciting this world of mini-modernism can be!

hello, rock wall and groovy wallpaper!

excuse me, eames lounger, may i take a seat?

have we met before, mr. cabinet and ms. chair?

just pulled up in my mini mini and am ready for cocktails on the rooftop!

this emerson house is a bit too contemporary for me, but is available for preorder on brincadada.com

vitra design museum has ten pages of iconic chairs and sofas like this beauty by le corbusier:

image from design-museum.com

i am so excited to scour call of the small and figure out tons of little projects for us to do!

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widow donates edward fickett archives to usc school of #architecture…

image from midcentarc

while not as well known as his contemporaries, neutra, ain and schindler, edward fickett’s work is prolific (one estimate puts it at 60,000 homes – with 10,000 in the valley) and just as inspiring. he not only designed tract homes (many with eichler), but also for celebrities like charlie chaplin, ava gardner, joan crawford, irene dunne, groucho marx, jimmy durante, jack benny and dick clark. while he was a student, he met ms. dunne (she was in tears because the best and the brightest in the architecture world could not understand what she wanted). within four hours, mr. fickett had her smiling again. she was so thrilled with the work that he had done, she anonymously paid for his school and living expenses through graduation.

the story in today’s la times is really a love story…between joycie and edward and between a man and his work. it’s definitely worth a read!

we were lucky enough to go on  a home tour out here and it was pretty spectacular:  floor-to-ceiling windows, seamless indoor/outdoor living, lots of warm touches with natural elements and gorgeous wood beamed ceilings….everything you would want in a MCM home. i hope the archives will be made available to the public. and i hope mr. fickett gets the recognition he deserves.

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my worlds are colliding…eames, typography, house industries!

pretty excited about this email i just received from house industries announcing:

house industries eames gallery exhibition
march 12 – april 1
meet and greet with the eames family and house industries designers
presentation about the eames century modern collection
screen printing on site with david dodde and fresh pressed
location: the eames office, 850 pico blvd., santa monica, ca

opening reception:  march 11th, 7-10pm

and did i mention it’s free?!?!?

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remembering designer lucienne day (1917-2010)…

timeless, whimsical and filled with optimism, the textiles of lucienne day – who passed away last month at the age of 93 – are as modern and lovely today as they were when she designed them in the post-war era. her organic and scratchy geometrics,  bring to mind the drawings of paul klee, joan miró, and the works of alexander calder. with her furniture designing husband, robin, the days were the britain’s most celebrated design couple and their equivalent of our charles and ray eames, producing democratic designs and making wonderful textiles accessible and suitable for hanging. however, unlike the eames (who worked as a couple), the days worked independently yet still created designs that were cohesive and harmonious.

robin & lucienne day (the design museum)

from the guardian’s beautifully written obituary:

Lucienne’s special genius was to fuse the British tradition of a love for nature – the 19th-century world of John Ruskin, William Morris, Charles Voysey and the Arts and Crafts movement, with the abstract concerns of international contemporary art. This wasn’t an easy thing to do, but it came naturally in her designs for fabrics, ceramics and, more recently, tapestries. These last, in particular, were wonderfully wrought things, tactile masterpieces of geometry, colour and imagination.

The tapestries were never for the mass market, but most of Lucienne’s designs held a wide appeal, and sold well – something that mattered very much to her and her husband. Both came from the “nothing is too good for ordinary people” tradition. The idea was that good, intelligent design should be part, parcel and fabric of everyday life.

further remembrances can be found on: design boom, design*sponge and apartment therapy.

a biography of robin and lucienne day and photos of their work can be found here at the design museum.

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win a tour of the eames house!

after punxsutawney phil saw his shadow this morning, i was feeling a little sad about 6 more weeks of winter. but then i received an email from house industries announcing their drawing for a sunset tour of the eames house in the pacific palisades, hosted by eames demetrios and lucia atwood, grandson and granddaughter of charles and ray eames.

from the announcement:

As part of a celebration of our release of the Eames Century Modern font collection, House Industries will be drawing three names to join us for this exclusive look into the inner sanctum of one of 20th century’s greatest design teams. Sitting high atop the Pacific Palisades and overlooking Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean, the Eames House was built in 1949 as number 8 in the series of Case Study Houses and is still recognized as a revolutionary use of space and materials. Interior tours of the Eames house and studio are normally only available to members of the Eames foundation.

If you wish to participate in this drawing, please fill our catalog form and type the words EAMES HOUSE into the COMMENTS box.

the drawing will be held for 3 lucky winners on 19 february – but even if i don’t win, i’ll receive a lovely house industries catalog and free fonts! so that should keep my modern design heart warm for 6 more weeks of winter!

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