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you gotta work with what you got…

i’ve thought a lot about my last post and wondered how i ended up here. my best friend told me that few people could decide to {poof!} make all those changes at once and that i should, instead, pick one and then the rest would follow. so. i’ve decided to change my eating habits with a 10 day challenge from the self health revolution.

i know, i know…is this just another empty promise? who knows! but i’m going to try my darndest – i mean, 10 days should fly by, right? and given the fact that i work at whole foods, how hard can it be? that was really the sprout (haha) of this solution – i can’t change everything at once, so the best i can do is change what is within my reach. instead of longing for faraway goals, like the farm; i need to focus closer: my health, trying to find some balance, making time for joy…oh wait, the list is already getting long!

the way i figure it, if i’m eating better, i will have more energy. if i have more energy, i will get back to my punch bag. if i get back to my punch bag, i won’t be so stressed out. if i’m not so stressed out, i will have more mental space to be creative. makes total sense, no?

you would already be proud of me…we do something at whole foods that we call “team member appreciation”. the week is full of yummy free food and activities – yesterday was pizza day – but i was quite content with my organic salad (with sprouts, edamame and flax seeds)…go me!

i do have to say that just this shift in starting something doable completely changed my energy level. i walked a little straighter and with more purpose. my mind raced with dishes i could prepare to stay on track. sorry i missed my meatless monday post, but the next 10 days will probably be filled with salads and smoothies! makes for healthy eating, but maybe not the most engaging reading.

maybe i’ll just start a food journal to document my 10 day challenge…


  • bragg’s apple cider vinegar & honey water
  • matcha tea
  • banana & greek yogurt
  • wasa multigrain crackers for snacking
  • giant organic salad
  • bragg’s apple cider vinegar & honey water
  • brussel sprouts, tomato & garbanzo bean salad for dinner
  • probiotic & enzyme supplements
  • 3 joe-joes < okay, okay, i know, i know!


  • bragg’s apple cider & honey water
  • matcha tea
  • kale, strawberry, blueberry & vegan protein smoothie
  • giant salad for lunch
  • wasa cracker snacks
  • today, we get our CSA box, so i’ll juice some of the veggies and see what surprises/inspirations are inside
  • no more joe-joes left, so i don’t need to worry about that temptation…i heard frozen fruits make a yummy snack!

wish me luck!


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green tea & me: a “matcha” made in heaven (er, japan)…

i used to be a serious coffee drinker. but one day, while shopping at costco, i came across their matcha tea bags. at first, i was going to just reduce my coffee drinking (my acupuncturist had told me that coffee is a toxin to my body – which explains why i would get a little clammy or have to use the restroom – my body needed to expel it). but it went so well with the tea, i completely stopped the coffee (with no caffeine withdrawals) and have been happy ever since!

according to ecoki.com,

“matcha tea is widely recognized as one of the richest sources of natural antioxidants on earth. antioxidants are food compounds that help neutralize chronic and age-related diseases. as a category, green tea contains large amounts of the antioxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) considered by researchers as the key to its health promoting properties. powdered matcha tea practically overflows with the stuff. lab analysis shows the concentration of this multi-purpose antioxidant a whopping 137 times higher in matcha than in regular steeped green tea. collectively, the antioxidant power of matcha tea is reportedly 100 times greater than vitamin c and 70 times greater than orange juice. matcha also contains nearly 10 times more beta-carotene than spinach.”

matcha has the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) levels of all superfoods 1384 TE/g – more than acai (1027 TE/g) and far more than blueberries (24 TE/g). in addition, the form of caffeine in matcha, theine, is absorbed slowly and elevates the dopamine (good feeling) levels. the way that it slowly enters your system, it will provide you with sustained energy for 6-8 hours (without that horrible crash that coffee used to give me). it  helps with metabolism, regulates blood sugar levels and is a strong blood detoxifier & alkalizer. it’s also good for your gums and teeth – that is one powerful cup of tea!
i’ve been drinking the costco matcha since january (it was part of my new year’s resolution). i think for january 1, 2010, i am going to try dōmatcha – it is the powdered form of matcha. this powdered form is more concentrated and you end up “drinking” the leaves – with all their benefits and nutrients inside.
dōmatcha is available at whole foods and on amazon.
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