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good read! @latimes talks about “story of stuff”…

there’s a terrific article in today’s la times about annie leonard and her highly successful videos such as, “the story of stuff”. i love annie leonard and her ability to make dense subjects more understandable and accessible to so many (12 million and counting!). her works have been translated into more than 15 languages.

“We environmentalists are a whiny, wonky bunch,” Leonard says. “We bombard people with facts. But who wants to join a movement where people just scold you? We have to make it inspiring. We have to make it fun.”

i’ve blogged about her “story of stuff”, “story of cap and trade” and “story of bottled water“. up next, “story of cosmetics” and “story of electronics”….and maybe if i can stomach it, a recommended trip to a city dump…she says it’s like a “society’s secret journal”.  we all need to think about what we buy and whether it or not is worth a lifetime in a landfill.

and if all of this seems too heavy (you really should read the article, she lives a lovely communal life filled with deep meaning), let me close with this quote:

If her videos leave you overwhelmed, Leonard has an answer: “I’ve been reading about the emerging science of happiness,” she says merrily. “It turns out that after our basic needs are met, more stuff doesn’t make us happy. It’s the quality of our relationships. It’s coming together around shared goals.

“So, re-engage! It’s more fun.”

you know i will post “story of cosmetics” as soon as it is released july 21.

cheers to annie leonard!

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double standard…

photo by dennis hopper

my desktop is clear of all files. i can see my old job shrinking in the rearview mirror. it is time to reconnect with life and laughter and art.

i cannot wait to go to moca to see “double standard” the first ever u.s. retrospective of dennis hopper’s work. curated by the brilliant julian schnabel, this l.a. times article gives insight into the mounting of the show, the overwhelming passion of the artist and the absolute disbelief that such a vibrant presence is gone.

photo by John W. Adkisson for the Los Angeles Times

it’s time to enjoy life. it doesn’t take a lot of money, it just takes making time. and time is the one thing i can give to myself.

ciao, dennis.

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i heart evan kleiman…

the front page of the food section in today’s l.a. times features a fantastic profile on fabulous foodie, cookbook author and restaurateur, evan kleiman. i’m a fan of her on facebook and i’ve been a longtime listener of her “good food” segment on kcrw (you can sign up for her podcasts too!).

her los angeles restaurant, angeli caffe, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. specializing in simple, rustic italian food (which we now all take for granted) served in a modern setting, angeli was revolutionary a quarter of a century ago (wow!)  and is still quite delicious and soul-satisfying today. if you don’t know her (or if you do and already love her), this article is a terrific glimpse into the life of a self described sufferer of “culinary ADD”.

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