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meatless monday recipe: tofu tacos a la kogi bbq…

image from formerchef

this recipe from formerchef.com is brilliant for a couple of reasons…one:  i won’t, in this lifetime be able to experience the phenomenon that is the kogi truck and two:  i am always looking for ways to jazz up my good friend, mr. tofu…hang on a minute! apparently i will be able to grub at a kogi truck – they have tofu tacos! i am a little worried that they say they char the tofu longer on the grill (i am a frequent victim of cross contamination), but maybe one day i will muster up the courage and give them a try…but for now, back to the kogi inspired recipe…

kristina calls for fish sauce in her recipe (not really making it vegetarian), but she says you can skip it and obviously, i will. the marinade looks pretty tasty and then the tacos are topped with salsa verde, chili-soy vinaigrette, cabbage and cilantro. i think i’ll cut mine into strips (rather than dicing) marinate it overnight and then drain it and try and get that grill taste going on a grill pan…or at least get a good sear on it.

and i’m sure most of you know about mobile cravings, but just in case, it lists all of the food trucks around LA. i am definitely planning a visit to the grilled cheese truck. and i’ve only read amazing things about the umami burger truck (they do veggie versions!), so that will go on the list as well…

but i’m pretty excited about kristina’s recipe! and since i don’t yet have anything to compare it to, i will have to rely on my boyfriend to let me know the true verdict!

jal meokkesseumnida!  and ¡buen apetito!

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