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happy earth day!

today is the 40th anniversary of earth day and before i post photos from our earth day LA event last weekend, i want to go way back to the beginning of this blog and my post about what “living in a modern world” means to me. the whole philosophy of this blog and of our company is to do the best you can with every choice you make. despite my best efforts, as a lover of modern design, i have purchased items made of plastic. but the biggest culprit endangering our planet is single use plastic:  shopping bags, bottled water, straws, packaging, etc. i’m not trying to guilt you into a plastic free life (although i truly admire those who are able to do so), i’m just saying to weigh those purchases in terms of how much you need it, how long you’ll use it and how much you love it. i believe it is the small, collective things we can do as citizens that will make a big difference and inspire corporations to follow suit.

meatless mondays is a perfect example. more and more companies are now offering meatless options and even going completely meatfree on mondays! the positive impact of this tasty action can be potentially huge! across the nation, many cities are now banning plastic bags.  from the small things we all can do,  these changes will ripple outward into true and lasting benefits for our planet.

it may not make sense to celebrate earth day from the blog of a consumer goods company and i know there is a lot of greenwashing out there – everybody is trying to jump on the wagon! but despite some of these claims, i am happy that we are all thinking about the 3Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle and that corporations (while motivated by profits) realize that they, too, must start thinking about their impact upon the earth.

we live in a world of plastic and that plastic is killing our world. as you may know, a portion of our profits will be donated to 5 gyres and the surfrider foundation. all we want is to do our part to make a tiny difference for this beautiful, fragile place we call home. we hope our bags will be a stylish replacement for all those plastic and polypropylene bags – when properly cared for, our bags will last more than 10 years! i don’t want this to sound like an advertisement, it’s just that this blog has been up for about six months now and some of you may not know what modernest is all about.

so, onto the photos!

thank you to all our friends who have been so supportive and to all our new friends and clients we have met along the way!

happy earth day 2010!

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an eco-friendly easter idea – fill up a modernest egg tote bag!

image from modernest

it’s hard to believe, but easter is right around the corner!

instead of all that plastic, why not fill up one of our egg tote bags with all those treats and peeps? it would be a terrific way to teach kids about the 3 r’s of: reduce, reuse, recycle. and once the festivities have ended, you (or your child) will have a bag to carry for years to come! you could use recycled shredded paper at the bottom, instead of that crazy plastic “grass”. and even better if you fill the bag with homemade/locally sourced sweets and treats! it could be a cool way of modernizing an easter tradition.

i don’t eat them, but i gotta throw in a photo of a peep!

it’s funny, but when i look at it, it kind of looks like a yellow poopy with an eye drawn on it…not to ruin your candy-coated mood or anything!

happy easter!

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