@freshthemovie FREE online til 2/1…spread the word!

aptly named, “fresh” takes a fresh approach to talking about sustainable food systems. like documentaries before it, it discusses the horrors and damages caused by factory farming. but more than the others, “fresh” gives voice to the farmers caught in the monsanto/foster farms/KFC/industrial agriculture web. you meet farmers who got out and others who want to. you meet activists and average folks who just want to eat better and are willing to work for it. most importantly, you find out what you can do.

the first thing you can do is watch this amazing film for FREE until february 1st. tell everyone you know to do the same. buy the dvd. make a donation. have a fundraiser. spread the word.

watching the film made me think, i can establish a co-op wherever we land. even though whole foods market supports a lot of local producers, many americans live in a food wasteland where access to produce is nearly impossible. for the farmers, getting a fair rate for their efforts means the difference between survival and bankruptcy. so i’m adding this to our idea jar.

the bottom line, organic farming is sustainable and it can feed the world. and the first step is for us to step up and support local farmers.

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