#meatlessmonday recipe: triple smoky mac & cheese and a protein lesson from @herbivoracious…

i’ve been a vegetarian for more than half my life and so you can imagine how surprised i was to find that the old rule of grain + bean = complete protein has been debunked! who knew? and why didn’t you tell me? luckily, michael over at herbivoracious did in a witty and informative post, “how do you get your protein? – is vegetarian protein a problem?

along with so many parts of this blog, my meatless monday posts have fallen to the wayside, but like other parts of this blog (and my life), i’m trying to get things back on track! we’ve started selling items on ebay for the “farm fund” and i have to admit, the first posting was a little difficult. i’ve been collecting things for far longer than i’ve been a vegetarian and i have some deep emotional attachments to some of them. and as i walk through the house, deciding what will stay and what will go, it’s the oddball things that seem to make it to the “stay” list. i’m sure that as time goes by, as the fund grows larger and our new life is closer on the horizon, these feelings will change, but for now, it’s kind of difficult separating from all this stuff….difficult, but not impossible…

it’s also strange that through my googling research, that this “urban homesteading/homesteading/off the grid” concept seems to be occupied by two seemingly disparate groups:  eco peeps and survivalists. so, some websites are very bucolic and inviting, others feel like previews of  “the walking dead“. but at least it gives me hope that red states and blue states can agree on something (even if it’s for very different reasons)…

geez, i’m rambling this morning. back to meatless monday!

image from herbivoracious

in reading michael’s git yer protein post, he had a link to this dish with a whopping 25 grams. and since the days have turned cold here, his recipe for triple smoky macaroni and cheese will give us a warm and hearty dinner and delicious leftovers for our workday lunches. i’ll either wilt some arugula from my CSA box on top or have a lovely salad on the side – despite it’s ooey gooey cheesy goodness, i’m still trying to lose my 2011 stress and holiday overindulgence pounds!

…just one more thing on the “go” list!

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5 responses to “#meatlessmonday recipe: triple smoky mac & cheese and a protein lesson from @herbivoracious…

  1. Sounds soooo good but with all the gluten and dairy I’d probably go into a coma. I did not know the grain + bean = complete protein had been debunked! I eat a lot of that combo! Still will because I like it. Here’s to a growing “farm fund.”

  2. you’re right, marie – this is not for the gluten free or vegan peeps…heck, i’d only be able to have a small serving with all that cheese…but it was interesting to learn all the different ways (outside of tofu and quinoa and grain + bean) that i could find protein!

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