a personal plea from dion neutra to save the kronish house…

images from neutra.org

things are not looking good for the kronish house, the largest neutra in beverly hills. not even waiting until the agreed upon extension date next month, the owners have taken the house off the market and have started asbestos abatement (do they even have a permit?). there’s something fishy about this move, it reeks of backdoor deals – are they doing this so that the new owners won’t have blood on their hands? this way, the demolition has already been done and the new owners will be free to build the mc mansion of their dreams on 2 acres of prime beverly hills land. because that’s what beverly hills needs…

time is really ticking on this one. dion neutra is asking EVERYONE to attend the beverly hills city council meeting tomorrow evening (public comments will be heard around 7:15pm, so get there by 7pm). and please, please sign and share this letter addressed to the mayor and city council. it will only take a moment, and it could make all the difference in the world.

we need to unite as an international voice – too often, money trumps historic preservation. absolute worst case scenario, we lose the kronish (and i don’t type that lightly), but we pave the way for historic/cultural preservation to be the norm in beverly hills and not the demolition of irreplaceable treasures of architectural art.

p.s. if you were planning on attending the event on the 24th, it has been CANCELED. that’s why this latest push is so important. it is critical that we spread the word and do all we can in the time remaining.

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