saving the kronish house…

The Kronish House in Beverly Hills, California. From Mark Angeles via Unlimited Style and ArchDaily

it’s been a long time since i’ve been to the ol’ blog. work has been pretty hectic and the heat…oh, the heat…triple digits…muggy…don’t get me started!

i saw this on facebook and had to share with all of you who care about architecture and mid century modern design. as some of you may know, many historic homes have already been bulldozed in beverly hills:  john lautner, paul williams, frank lloyd wright…all of ’em, gone.

richard neutra‘s kronish house was slated for demolition, until passionate preservationists rallied to get an extension. the shitty thing is “the soda partners” got the house out of foreclosure for $5.8 million and then put it on the market for $13,995,000 (that’s quite the flip…ugh.). hilton/hyland is listing it as a “sunset contemporary” with no reference to richard neutra (how strange).

the kronish house is a largest neutra (7000 sq ft) in so. cal. and the last one standing in beverly hills (the other two have already fallen victim to the wrecking ball or horrible renovations). from the huffington post:

Richard Neutra once spoke about his seven-thousand square foot collaboration with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kronish. He wrote, “Every major project like this takes a good deal of ‘starch’ out of me, my life-strength, but there is always deep satisfaction.”

dion neutra has posted a petition to save the kronish called “networking for neutra” (and is asking us all to spread the word by asking 5 friends to do the same. if i contact 5 people and those people contact 5 people, we would reach 100 million people in a week! if we each donated $1, $5, $10…well, you can do the math!):

you can sign the petition here and please give as much as you can … the goal is to save the house and turn it into a research library of sorts that would be open to the public by appointment.

it’s rare to have this much time to try and save an icon…won’t you do what you can to spread the word?

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