meatless monday recipe: seitan and brocollini with clementine teriyaki…

image from vegan yum yum

happy meatless monday!

i’m posting this recipe for my recently converted vegan and veggie friends, marie & jenny. sometimes making the change to a meatless life is hard, and once you’ve run the gamut of salads, stir fries and spring pastas or rice and beans variations, sometimes you just want what you used to have. sometimes that craving for teriyaki is just too powerful to ignore!

so i’m hoping vegan yum yum’s recipe for teriyaki seitan will scratch that itch that they both might be feeling right about now. lauren’s recipe is one of those that are open to loads of interpretations – for example,  i love the idea of lightening and brightening the sauce with clementines, but i prefer my teriyaki sauce to have garlic and ginger and sesame oil and chili flakes. but with this base recipe, you can customize to your (healthy) heart’s content!

enjoy, ladies!

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4 responses to “meatless monday recipe: seitan and brocollini with clementine teriyaki…

  1. Thanks for thinking of me, Joyce. It looks delicious! But because I also have to eat gluten free and wheat free, I can’t do soy sauce. It’s been 6 weeks since I became a vegan and I feel fantastic! Wish I would have done this a long time ago.

  2. Yum – can’t wait to try it! Thanks for thinking of us:) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY you gorgeous creature!!!

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