food for thought: forks over knives…

so many of the chronic illnesses we suffer from can be alleviated with food. that’s right, food. not pills or magic potions, but healthy and vibrant plant-based foods. you all know that i don’t eat meat and yet still i suffer from high cholesterol…i think i told you that for me, my arch nemesis is cheese…and eggs. i’ve really reduced my egg intake, but the cheese? ah, the cheese…it’s a tough one.

we all can look around and see that we are no longer are a healthy nation. when i was growing up, there was no such thing as childhood diabetes or childhood obesity. and now those two words are uttered so often it’s heartbreaking. literally.

but what if you knew, truly knew that diabetes, obesity,  heart disease and high cholesterol could be prevented simply by taking a good long look at your plate? wouldn’t you want to make this simple change? i don’t want to get all preachy, but i’ve seen the benefits first hand. if you’re like me with cheese and you can’t imagine your life without your burger or your bacon, that’s fine…we just need to make those foods we love smaller and less frequent on our plates. now when i have cheese, it’s a really special cheese. and i savor it.

i really urge you to see forks over knives for yourself. it’s not often a film can change your life, but this one just might!

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One response to “food for thought: forks over knives…

  1. Marie Tyner

    Great post! I haven’t even seen Forks Over Knives and it has already changed my life. Dr. Oz had the guy who did the film on his show, and I was so impressed with him and what he had to say, I became a vegan. I’d been thinking about it for a long time because of the health benefits, but I just couldn’t imagine my life without eating meat. Now, three weeks into it, I can’t imagine eating meat. I feel fantastic and have more energy than ever. The first day I drove by a field of cattle grazing as a vegan, I said out loud, ” I don’t eat you anymore.” It felt good! No more guilt. Now, for you and the cheese, when you eleminate it slowly, you lose your cravings for it. Plus there are lots of yummy cheese substitutes. Here’s to our health!

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