meatless monday recipe: quesadillas?

image from 101 cookbooks

a recipe for quesadillas, you say? who doesn’t know how to make a quesadilla? well, since i have given up cheese because of my high cholesterol, cheese has been a friend who never calls me back (ahem, penny?). anyway, i love love LOVE heidi’s website, 101 cookbooks and her recipe for very-little-cheese quesadillas (my name, not hers) is just what this cheese-jonesing gal needs right about now. plus, given my work schedule, any meal that can be on my table for one in about 5 minutes is a dog-send! < wow, what a paragraph!

heidi’s recipe features corn tortillas (which i prefer over flour), lemon zested greek yogurt, parmesan, pan-fried capers (yum!) and an egg for protein…delicioso! it sounds quick, light, bright and perfect for spring…and a very tired blogger!

even more exciting is the fact that her new cookbook, “super natural every day” has been published!

if it’s half as good as her blog (and i know it will be), then thank you amazon for wishing me a (very) happy early birthday!

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4 responses to “meatless monday recipe: quesadillas?

  1. Those look amazing. I never plan for quesadillas, they just happen! Thanks for the cookbook tip too.

    • i’m with you…quesadillas have always been a spontaneous creation, but life without cheese has caused me to try and plan a little more…it’s a sad and lonely existence!

  2. You have inspired me to make quesadillas for dinner tonight. I love making them with homemade tortillas and Daiya cheese…yum!

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