when good deeds meet great design…

as you may know, i work at whole foods and i love anthropologie…it could be that i work at whole foods so i can shop at anthropologie (minus the looming major car repair this month)…

so this earth day, i can honestly say, my worlds are colliding! last month, a super chic and lovely lady from the beverly hills anthropologie store came in to ask if she could have our corks. whole foods market collects corks from our customers to return to cork reharvest – an awesome organization who then recycles these 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable beauties via the recycling arm of the cork forest conservation alliance. in our store alone, i return, on average, one 4’x2′ box per month…that’s a lot of corks!

anthropologie collected over 2 million corks to create some stunning visual displays…you can see more here on their facebook page.

big earth day cheers to cork reharvest, anthropologie and whole foods market!

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