#meatlessmonday recipe: chickpea, spinach and tomato soup…

six-day work weeks and a busted car have really thrown my routine into upheaval. my car has been in car mechanic limbo for over a week now and we still don’t know what’s wrong with it or if it’s even worth fixing. it’s definitely something with the transmission, but how much $$$ will have to be thrown at it is a mystery. i am less than $1K away from having no car note, so it’s tempting to fix the old girl one more time and cross my fingers that this isn’t the time when major things start going wrong. i would rate car problems right up there with plumbing problems on my list of things that suck.

but back to the blog…i’ve been trying to be a little more healthy (my blood test came back with high cholesterol…say what? i don’t eat meat, but apparently my lifelong love affair with cheese is the culprit). so, i’ve been eating tons of stir frys and salads, and there hasn’t been much inspiration for meatless mondays lately. plus the irishman and i are working opposite schedules, so a sit down dinner is pretty much a thing of the past. the good thing is, my palette righted itself in the first few days of my diet (or rather, nutritional plan), so my craving for chips and empty carbs were easy vices to kick. now, ice cream on the other hand…

the weather here in l.a. has been a little wack-a-doo, with blazing hot days, dipping into the mild 70s the next. i think this recipe for chickpea, spinach and tomato soup from michael at herbivoracious might be just the ticket to get me out of my funk. i mean, how many times can one eat brown rice and tofu flavored with bragg’s? don’t get me wrong, i love bragg’s, but after awhile all my food starts tasting the same.

image from herbivoracious

the bad news is, i have very little time or energy lately to cook. the good news is, i work at whole foods, so i am surrounded by primo veggies and a newly expanded bulk section at work. given the simplicity of michael’s recipe, i think even this tired, old broad can manage to put something different on the table tonight. i may have to cheat a little on my diet (nutritional plan) and go the italian route with freshly grated parmesan or pecorino.

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6 responses to “#meatlessmonday recipe: chickpea, spinach and tomato soup…

  1. Looks yummy! Good luck on the new nutritional plan (I’m so happy you’re doing this) and with your car. It’s a new week…let’s “hope” things start getting better!

  2. Vic

    So good to read your post. Please if you want a second opinion on your car, by all means let me know. I may be able to call in a favor and have your Audi looked at free of charge.

    • thanks, vic! i actually called audi and they said they wouldn’t even diagnose the car because the estimate on the repairs was way more than the car was worth…i seriously threw up in my mouth when they told me that. it appears there might be a leak coming from the transmission, fingers crossed that is a cheaper fix. the kind mechanic who told me this said, “it’s such a shame, your engine looks really good.” so, hoping for an answer soon…she’s at an “audi specialist” as we speak, so we’ll see what he says…ugh.

  3. Ok- Good luck to you both!

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