meatless monday recipe: hot skillet salad…

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this morning i woke up craving salad. not just any salad, but a huge, beyond entrée sized pile of veggies. it feels like i’ve been running on empty the last few days, grabbing a bite here and there and my body was shouting out for dark, leafy greens.

i am a sucker for carbs (they are my weakness – that and salty snacks…and okay, ice cream too), so my quick go-to meals usually involve some rice or pasta or big hunks of bread. but with daytime temps in the 60s (feels colder, could be the dramatic so. cal. girl in me who complains when the temperature dips below 70) and overnight lows in the 30s (say what?), the thought of a cold salad wasn’t appealing. thankfully, susan at has decided to follow dr. joel fuhrman’s eat to live plan and posted this gorgeous, warm and nutrient dense hot skillet salad recipe! i love it when the internets answer my prayers! plus, we have dr. fuhrman’s book at work, and after having to exchange a recent jeans purchase yesterday for a larger size, i’m thinking i, too, should give his eating plan a try…

susan’s recipe is brilliant for a couple of reasons…i usually prepare my kale in this way, but it never occurred to me to throw all my veggies in there and call it a salad. i initially was thinking about making a citrus salad dressing (we’ve got tons of yummy in-season citrus in the store, including dekopon’s a.k.a. sumo’s < although i wouldn’t use those beauties in a dressing…boy, i am really rambling today). but a warm salad that will work with most of the leftover veggies you have in the fridge? that is a nice addition to my cooking arsenal.

thanks, fat free vegan!

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2 responses to “meatless monday recipe: hot skillet salad…

  1. That sounds terrific…I have always been a big fan of salads and especially salads that have a warm protein on top like (in my non-vegetarian case) warm or hot chicken or even fish to go with the cold lettuce and veggies. But an entirely warm salad? Gotta give that a try! BTW–jean sizes always vary by the brand 😉 you probably picked a brand that runs small!

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