meatless monday (plus super bowl) recipes…

it’s a busy day here in the valley. work has been crazy, so i need to jam pack my days off with super bowl munchies and doing taxes (which i haven’t even started…ugh.). need to take my chocolate lady to the vet tomorrow (her hip is acting up) and in between all of that, ship out some orders (yay! one from hawai’i) and do all the things that don’t get done when you are working full time and trying to keep your business afloat…with all that blah blah blah being said, i am most looking forward to curling up on the sofa with the irishman and watching what i know is going to be a kickass game.

so how happy was i to find this is brand x’s 3 tasty veggie ideas for super bowl snacks all in one article!

hot stuff spinach artichoke dip (i’ll substitute vegenaise for the mayonnaise)

traditional guacamole in mocaljete (don’t have one, but the recipe looks delicious!)

and finally, my favorite:

vegan doritos (shut up! how genius is this?!?)

if i can predict the future, it will be the steelers and an overstuffed tummy that will wrap up my super bowl sunday…so i’m thinking this red quinoa salad tomorrow for meatless monday?

image from yumsugar

that’s it, kids! gotta get movin’! have a tasty touchdown time! oh, and go steelers!

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4 responses to “meatless monday (plus super bowl) recipes…

  1. Hubster is a Steelers fan (I’m an Eagles fan), so this house is black & gold today…

  2. Best of the luck to the chocolate lady ! And yes, go Steelers! Enjoy this beautiful day…just take a look outside and we are reminded why we live where we do!

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