meatless (& chilly) monday recipe: hearty lentil soup…

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one holiday down, one to go…the irishman and i had a totally mellow and chill thanksgiving with no leftovers (until a saturday morning breakfast at his mom’s scratched his itch for turkey and stuffing…so he’s set for the next couple days). for me, i just want something warm and comforting and easy to make that will give me dinner and lunch and dinner (at least!). i know my friend marie (who lives in washington state) will totally mock me, but it is freezing here in l.a., so my thoughts turn to a hearty bowl of soup, slow cooked on the stove and with very little fuss or muss…

this recipe for lentil soup from whole foods will do the trick, just fine…what? you say, another lentil soup recipe? who cares! didn’t you just post one not so long ago? but this recipe intrigued me because it does not rely on vegetable stock…the secret ingredient? kombu! how cool is that? and like many of the recipes i post here, i’m trying to find techniques that will translate over many dishes…and if kombu ends up being an unexpected umami ingredient, i am very excited by the discovery!

we have a ton of ciabatta bread (baked fresh in our bakery…i am so sounding like a whole foods commercial!) that i will put in the oven, thinly sliced with a drizzle of olive oil and some grated gruyère…

…and a perfect post-holiday meal is served!

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