l.a. bans the bag…

image from treehugger.com

fantastic news in this morning’s l.a. times!

on tuesday, the l.a. county board of supervisors passed a sweeping ban on single use plastic bags that hopefully, will become a statewide model. the largest in the nation, the ordinance will effect cities outside of l.a.’s incorporated areas (about 1.1 million residents). it is a complete ban on plastic shopping bags and imposes a 10 cent surcharge on the use of paper bags. phase one will begin in july 2011 and by january 2012, will be in full force. it’s an incredible first step.

according to the article:

In Los Angeles County alone, 6 billion plastic bags are used each year, an average of 1,600 bags per household a year. Government figures show that only about 5% are recycled.

the vote (of course) was partisan. the lone republican in dissent stated concern for poor people who would now have to buy poo bags because of the ban. maybe he should look at images like these:

images from 5gyres.org

image from discovery.com

all that plastic isn’t going anywhere. it is breaking down into tiny particles that are then eaten by wildlife (and eventually by us). as you may know a portion of our profits go to both the surfrider foundation and 5 gyres. if you have a moment, check out the 5 gyres photo album, i’m sure you will be as incensed as we are when you see what we are doing to our oceans and our planet.

on a more positive note, as soon as the irishman figures out the techy-tech stuff on the website, modernest will be having a

big sale

to celebrate! so please stay tuned!

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2 responses to “l.a. bans the bag…

  1. Vic

    Thanks for sharing the article and somewhat shocking images. You and Tim have given me a few bags that I can re-use, I will make sure to put them in my truck this morning! I think we all need to realize that all the “little” things we do such as recycling, conserving water and energy and reusing bags can make a pretty big difference on the enviroment when you add them all up. Not to mention saving us $$$ on our utility bills.

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