meatless monday recipe: pumpkin stuffed with everything…

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so the other day, the irishman was driving in the car, listening to npr. i called him as i left work and he was so excited, “did you just hear that story on “all things considered”? “no, i’m still at work.” “oh my dog, it was a recipe for a pumpkin stuffed with everything! it sounded delicious!” he went on and on, describing dorie greenspan‘s recipe that truly can be adjusted to your dietary loves and limitations – resulting in a perfect holiday centerpiece entrée for vegetarians and carnivores alike. he got to his destination and sent an email to his sister and me with a link to the recipe: pumpkin stuffed with everything good

last year, i posted her recipe for pumpkin packed with bread and cheese – at that time, she called it a “recipe in progress” – well, it looks like she’s perfected her original idea!

the recipe calls for bacon, but at the end of the article, she talks about all the variations you can try:  adding cooked rice instead of the bread makes a risotto-like filling (that’s what i’m going to do), and since the irishman doesn’t like kale or spinach, i’ll have to hold on those until a later date (or once i perfect the technique, i’m sure i could do mini versions with squash)…

i’m loving the basic idea of this recipe – it seems like another perfect vehicle (like pizza) to let your mind and your pantry wander…crumbling some organic soy sausage? sure, why not! peas, parmigiano-reggiano and onions? yummy! pretty much no matter what you do, this recipe will evoke those sumptuous, comforting fall flavors.

merci, dorie!

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