the secret life of beef…

thanks to meatless monday and roots of change for giving the head’s up on this terrific little video that talks about the environmental impact of our beef consumption.

you all know i am a huge advocate of meatless mondays and if all americans would decide to forgo meat just once a week, it would be the equivalent of removing 8 million cars from the road. in baltimore city, they have launched meatless mondays in the elementary school – the kids love it (they thought it was going to be some crazy tofu menu) and even at their young age, they prefer to eat meals that are better for the environment.

americans love their hamburgers. they love their beef. but do they really know what it takes to make that one pound of ground beef?

  • seven pounds of grain
  • 2500 gallons of water
  • not to mention the methane and forests destroyed to create pasture land
  • is it really worth it for that quarter pounder with cheese?

livestock production is responsible for 20% of greenhouse emissions worldwide…more than all sources of transportation combined…do you want fries with that?

because the cows need to get fat faster, they are fed corn. because they can’t digest corn, they are given antibiotics. 70% of all antibiotics are given to livestock. 70%. seriously?

info about INFORM (who produced the piece) from the huffington post:

Founded back in 1973, INFORM was originally a research organization and produced 117 in-depth reports for government and business officials on a range of environmental challenges. When its founder stepped aside in 2006, INFORM re-envisioned itself for the 21st century — shifting both its target audience from thought leaders to the general public, and its medium from print to film.

With only 18% of Americans taking action in their daily lives to combat global warming. INFORM wants to use on- and off-line outreach to get its short films onto screens everywhere, including schools, hospitals, state and municipal governments, planes and taxicabs, movie theaters and faith-based communities. If you’d like to show The Secret Life of Beef to your group or organization, or if you have ideas on how to help get the word out, or would like to volunteer with INFORM, please contact

i hope you have the less than 7 minutes it takes to watch the piece – they are not telling you to stop eating meat (there are even meat producers and butchers in the video) – they are asking you to reduce your portion size; buy local and choose grassfed. it might cost more than a mc donald’s hamburger, but it is so worth it in the long run – for you, your family and our planet.

help spread the word!

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  1. We are eating a lot less beef in our house these days. We actually had a Meatless Sunday, by accident, last weekend. It felt good! After seeing the numbers that it takes to make one-pound of beef, we will definitely be making more of an effort to eat even less beef or eliminate it all together. Thanks for the valuable information!

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