president obama: “it gets better”…

this is what leadership looks like.

for many, this video might seem contradictory since “don’t ask, don’t tell” was recently reinstated and many are disappointed with obama – and i was too, initially. but we have to remember that as president, he is tasked with upholding the laws of the land…even if he doesn’t believe in them personally.

here are two articles from the new york times and the atlantic that help to explain the moral and legal pickle that the obama administration finds itself in.

so while many in the LGBT community and on the left feel frustrated, i hope we can take a moment to acknowledge the importance and impact that this message will hopefully have on our LGBT youth…it does get better.

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  1. Glad to see President Obama speaking out on this. Hope you listened to the speech given by Joel Burns, the City Councilmember in Texas. Very moving. Nice to see people speak from the heart.

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