meatless monday recipe: lentil soup…

image from soundly vegan

rebecca from midnight maniac stopped by the blog last week telling me about her midnight maniac meatless mondays carnival. it reminded me to visit the beautiful blog, soundly vegan – hosted by two ladies out in the puget sound who have recently turned vegan and are loving it! rebecca invites bloggers to share their meatless monday recipes each week.

with the days in l.a. turning quite chilly (how i love fall!), their meatless monday recipe for a hearty bowl of lentil soup sounds beyond delicious and satisfying.

filled with two types of lentils, dinosaur kale and tons of veggies, i can’t wait to slow cook this big pot of tasty goodness and enjoy it with a big hunk of bread and maybe a lovely glass of rioja (bevmo is having their brilliant 5 cent sale…)!

what a perfect meatless monday (and beyond)!

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9 responses to “meatless monday recipe: lentil soup…

  1. vegan

    I love lentils, especially when combined with spinach and other veggies. Your lentil soup looks very appetizing … will give it a try some time.

    A lentil recipe I found to be quite good is this one:

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  5. Right on! I’m glad you dug the soup and our blog. I’m a southern California native, though a bit further down the road than you in San Diego. Stay warm and eat well.


    • i am an ex-SD girl too…grew up down there and went to UCSD…i still miss it but luckily my parents are still there so i can visit (although not as often as i should)…happy holidays!

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