meatless monday recipe: enfrijoladas de espinaca…

image from herbivoracious

look at that vibrant plate from! you know michael is my go-to guy when it comes to both the simple and when i want to discover new veggie ideas. his recipe for enfrijoladas doesn’t disappoint…i never heard of an enfrijolada and now that i have, i am excited to try out different versions of this speedy and satisfying dish. his version with spinach sounds pretty amazing – an enfrijolada is basically a tortilla dipped in a bean sauce with chiles and then served with more of the sauce and some cheese or crema on top.

michael used pacific natural’s spicy black bean soup because a) he likes the product and b) he is in the everyday chef contest (of course, i voted for him and he won the round – yay!) and if he wins the whole shebang, he’ll get to attend a CIA bootcamp! so selfishly, i hope he wins because i am totally excited to see what he whips up after that burst of culinary knowledge…but back to the dish…you basically dip the tortillas, put in the filling (there’s a little prep), roll ’em up, pour on some sauce, sprinkle with cheese (i’m wondering if i can pop them in the oven?) and helo aquí (that’s spanish for voila…sort of…), dinner in 15 minutes!

if you have time, please go vote for michael – you can vote every 24 hours…if you love meatless mondays as much as i do, it will be a win for all of us (of course, for herbivoracious and me, every day is a meatless monday)!

delicioso y rapido!

update:  michael won! yay! now i look forward to his recipes post-CIA!

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