meatless monday recipe: falafel and beetroot & cucumber tzatziki…

image from veggiechef

it’s always so exciting to find a new website – my veggie blog obsession for this week is veggiechef out of the UK. eddie shepherd is 26 years old and won the “cordon-vert’s chef of the future award” for his innovative vegetarian recipes.

many of eddie’s recipes may be a little out of my league and navigating his website is a little wonky, but i spent a good hour scrolling and clicking and getting inspired…what more could you want from a foodie website?

his recipe for falafel and beetroot & cucumber tzatziki is a good example of a creative twist…you may think, falafel? yawn…but eddie’s recipe is fantastic because of the burst of color that comes with the beetroot tzatziki – and a good example of bringing veggie cuisine out of the brown and green zone.

stay tuned because i know i’ll be returning to eddie’s site often to share some meatless monday and some delicious vegan recipes with you.


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One response to “meatless monday recipe: falafel and beetroot & cucumber tzatziki…

  1. Wow, that color is crazy! Who would have thought to put beet in tzatziki?

    Just wanted to let you know that the first Midnight Maniac Meatless Mondays is up and off to a good start. 13 entries so far. Click the link above to come over and add yours.

    Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

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