here comes the sun…

my apologies dear reader, blogposts have been pretty sporadic, but it was all for a good reason…last friday, i found out i got a job that i wanted so badly. a job so perfect for me, it’s almost scary. a job working with awesome, passionate people at one of the best companies in the u.s.a. – whole foods!!

as some of you know, my last job was a rough one. full of promise, but more full of paranoia and backstabbing and chaos. i thought it would be impossible (especially in this economy) to find a job i actually care about. so, for those of you still out there looking for work, i say don’t give up.

since i’ve been away from these pages for so long, i’m just going to list a few links regarding the FDA’s review today as to whether or not GMO salmon is safe and tomorrow they will hear comments as to whether it has to be labeled as such.

from the daily beast:

FDA to Weigh In on ‘Frankenfish’

Next week, the Food and Drug Administration will hold public hearings on genetically modified salmon and the safety of genetic modification. Aqua Bounty Technologies has developed a method of genetically engineering salmon, one that allows its modified salmon eggs to grow to full-size in about half the time it takes regular salmon to reach its full-size. The company insists that aside from the slight genetic modification, the salmon is the same as regular Atlantic salmon. “Their ability to grow faster does not impact the nutritional or biological make-up of the fish,” reads its website. But food safety groups question the salmon’s actual safety, and argue that modified fish are more susceptible to the spread of disease vs. natural salmon. Environmental groups also believe that farmed salmon threatens native salmon populations.

i also came across this great chart from the cornucopia institute, showing who owns many of the well-known organic labels:

and finally (and rather late), a couple meatless monday recipes…

from mark bittman:  braised tofu with eggplant and shiitake mushrooms

and if that sounds too hearty, check out this recipe for a light and fresh gruyère and apple salad that i emailed myself from my free whole foods app (which pretty much kicks butt), there’s more info about it here:

yummy! it feels good to be back!

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3 responses to “here comes the sun…

  1. Vic

    So well deserved ! Sometimes you have to go through a little bit of hell to get to heaven! From one fellow book lover to another, it is so nice to know that “The Sun Also Rises” -Earnest Hemingway

    • thanks vic – for the congrats and the quote! i’m still pinching myself over the job…life can change

      see you saturday – i read they have tater tots with cheese in them! now that’s a vision of heaven!!

  2. I’m so proud of you, and happy for you! You left a toxic job, when you had nothing else to go to, and took the time to find the perfect job at a wonderful company. Whole Foods is lucky to have you. That store will benefit greatly from your creativity and your passion to make a difference. Congratulations!!

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