meatless monday recipe: savory chickpea cakes…

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oh, michael natkin, will you marry me? it doesn’t matter that you are already married and i live with the love of my life. i would leave it all behind for these tasty, protein packed savory chickpea cakes!

made extra special with the addition of rosemary and lemon juice and lemon zest, i will serve these with the caprese salad i am already planning on making (he says a greek salad would pair beautifully, but i’m a loner, dottie – a rebel…). i’m hoping panko will work in lieu of homemade bread crumbs and chives instead of green onions (we have a lovely crop of chives in the garden). one day, when i have saffron in the house, i will make his tomato jam and have the ultimate savory chickpea experience!

herbivoracious strikes again!

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4 responses to “meatless monday recipe: savory chickpea cakes…

  1. Ha! Well as you said, I’m wed, but my chickpea cakes will happily marry your caprese salad :). I’m not sure how panko will work on the interior, but try it and let me know!

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