meatless monday recipe: angeli caffe!

if you are lucky enough to live in los angeles or are an avid kcrw “good food” listener like me, then you know the lovely and talented evan kleinman. well, now we can add deliciously generous to her list of adjectives.

for 25 years, angeli caffe has been closed on mondays. but now, they introduce “pasta mondays” to their fantastic offerings … while not all options are meatless, for $10(!) you can’t go wrong and this monday’s menu has a few veggie selections that sure beat slaving in the kitchen!

from the website:

Pasta Monday will appear occasionally.  When you sit, the waiter will serve you your antipasto then salad.  Waiters will roam the room with bowls of fresh pasta a la Evan’s mood and serve you to your hearts content.

Ricotta Tart, Nduja, Fig, Olives
Strawberries, Peach Arugola, Goat Cheese Salad
Penne Puttanesca
Linguine with shrimp, garlic , baby tomatoes, basil oil. Heirloom sauce
Risotto with Heirloom Tomato Sauce and Corn

antipasto, salad and floating bowls of pasta? eating to your heart’s content? no reservations accepted, so shut off the stove and get in the car…quick!

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