i ♥ annie leonard…story of cosmetics

i don’t really wear makeup, but i do use a lot of lotions and potions trying to turn back time and mend the damage from the california sun, to make my hair shinier, make my teeth whiter and on and on… but what’s really in all those jars and bottles of promised miracles?

check out annie leonard’s latest: the story of cosmeticstoxins in, toxins out – as always, it is a brilliant and eye-opening 10 minutes. she urges you to visit safecosmetics.org.

and if you missed the article in the latimes, it’s here on my blog – with links to her other works: the story of stuff and the story of bottled water.

get involved and spread the word!

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One response to “i ♥ annie leonard…story of cosmetics

  1. I had seen the Story of Stuff video, but hadn’t seen this one. Loved it! There really is no mystery to why we’re all sick; the stuff we put in and on our bodies is slowly killing us. Since the government, and the companies making the crap that’s killing us, aren’t going to do anything about it, we the people have to. With the Internet it’s easy to educate ourselves on the chemicals and ingredients that aren’t good for us. I did this and now read the labels on all the food and cosmetics I buy. I think some of the companies now know that many people do this so they’ve made the writing so small that it’s impossible to read. If I can’t read it, I don’t buy it. I find that good food is easier to find than toxic-free cosmetics. Haven’t found any in the store that are free of harmful ingredients.

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