eat local, motherfu*k#r…

big thanks to treehugger for this awesome slide show addressing food’s carbon footprint.

this one was my favorite, called “far foods”…

showing the food miles for that produce you had to have (more than likely not in season locally) and carbon emissions associated with that tomato trip. see more here.

there’s simple steps from the nrdc, where you can find farmer’s markets and seasonal produce in your backyard along with public transport routes. there’s you are where you eat – it seems to be more of a work in progress, gathering local farms, markets and csa’s. and don’t forget about local harvest (wow, that post was from december 1st!). and finally (and best of all), you should check out hyperlocavore and join a yardsharing community! plus liz is one of my favorite tweeters – follow her @hyperlocavore!

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