once is not enough…inception

what a week it has been for our movie-viewing pleasure – first, tom ford’s moving and beautiful “a single man” and yesterday, christopher nolan‘s “inception” – both examples of grown-up, multi-layered narratives…are you listening, hollywood? not every adult wants to see the a-team or some frat boy comedy. some of us want to sit in a darkened space and be transported by a personal love story and the challenges of “moving on” without our partner at our side;  to be moved by stolen moments and powerful memories of a love lost (both films touched on these plot points in oh-so-different-ways).

“inception” is a brilliant sci-fi film – dreams within dreams within dreams – it offers toeholds into genres that keep the plot from completely slipping away, just out of grasp (like waking from a dream and trying to reassemble the pieces):  film noir (the femme fatale, the one last heist/job), the quest for home (the wizard of oz and countless other films), the pull of loved ones and family…i don’t even know if i can speak of the film yet (not just out of fear of giving away anything), because i feel i need to see it again. tim and i couldn’t stop talking about it after we exited the theatre – our minds were so challenged by the intricate pieces of the story.

the film was so well cast. so well shot. so well written (nolan came up with the idea when he was 16 (!)). it is a tour de force of film and special effects. there are visuals and action scenes in the film where i audibly said, “oh sh*t” and “f*ck me”…the liquid, mesmerizing dreamspace allows a true auteur to take you on a journey unlike anything i’ve ever seen on film before (and he shot it on film – no digital video here…)…genius.

it will do your head in (in a good way). it will excite and delight and challenge and entertain you. and with 100+ degree weather in the valley, to sit in an air conditioned theatre and be so transported by a master filmmaker…divine. i cannot recommend it enough. and if you have netflix, do yourself a favor and add “a single man” to your queue.

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