meatless monday recipe: chap chae…

it’s been a while since i posted my last meatless monday recipe. i’m slowly crawling from the voracious darkness that was my job…but i’m making my way back to the light, carol anne!

growing up, summertime was always cold noodle salad time. my mom would make a delicious and refreshing harusame salad (harusame means “spring rain” – and it was as clean tasting as its name). she would make it with rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds and julienned carrots, scallions and japanese cucumbers…simple, vibrant and oishii!

this recipe from the kitchn reminds me of my mom’s dish. where harusame are made from mung bean starch, the dang myun are sweet potato based. the addition of spinach and mushrooms makes it sound a bit more hearty and filling. and since tim cannot eat shiitakes, i will add tofu. you can eat it hot or at room temperature (i will choose the latter, i’m assuming the flavors will meld overnight). i am a bit worried about stir frying all the veggies, so much of what was delicious about my mom’s recipe was the crisp, fresh flavors of the cucumbers and carrots. but i will give it a try!

i googled how to say “it was delicious” in korean, hopefully this is right:

a-ju ma-si-sseo-sseo-yo!

i’ll let you know if it’s true…but my mom is a tough act to follow!

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