this is it…

the irishman is working tonight (no newsflash there) and so i decided to watch “michael jackson’s this is it”…i still can’t believe he’s been gone for over a year now, he was such a part of my childhood and growing up. i remember the thrill of “thriller” and “off the wall” (yes, i am that old). i, like so many, grew up with michael jackson and in the end, his talent outlived and outlasted all the freaky deaky shite and the innuendo and gossip. he was an artist with a capital A. one whose talent not only moved audiences worldwide, but inspired those around him to do their very best.

i found the documentary quite brilliant, poignant and moving. it forced me to say goodbye to a part of myself, a young japanese-irish girl listening to his cassettes (again, i age myself), thinking i’ve never heard music like this. yes, the fame made him a bit strange, but wasn’t his whole life strange? to be so famous at such a young age – i don’t condone any misbehaving (if it’s true), but in the end, it’s what we leave behind that matters…be it via our art or a geniune connection to others (in whatever form that takes). michael inspired others. he created a devoted family in that troupe, all united to giving their all, celebrating their talents and wanting to share the best of themselves with the world. they were honored to be with him, working towards a common goal. and that says way more than many of our so-called leaders and experts and gurus can claim.

during the course of the documentary, he kept saying “that’s what rehearsals are for” … it was a time of exploration and of trying different ideas. he was a leader who never had to raise his voice. he was a visionary who instinctively knew how to improve a visual for maximum impact. he was a musician who was able to improve a riff we had all heard a million times. and if that weren’t enough, the special effects and sets they created were pretty phenomenal.

there were so many times my eyes would well up at the sheer genius and talent of this one man. seriously, i am a tough old broad, but there was something so fragile and pure about michael jackson (the performer, not the man surrounded by suspicion) that made me feel a little more peaceful, a little more loving. when you witness true talent, true artistry, all you can do is sit back and enjoy it.

some of the moves were a bit dated, but they all are memories of my growing up. they are powerful and even though i know he’s gone, it is hard to believe a 50 year old could still move like that; could still sing like that; could hold in his lifetime the memories of so many. i know tim will make fun of me, but i am really sad he is gone. but i am oh-so-grateful this footage exists. and i will remember michael jackson for the talent that he was…

and to make me really feel old…

and the best song ever about a rat…

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  1. Michael (my husband, not Jackson) and I have seen this a couple times and love it! He was a true genius. When you live with that depth of creativity every day, it is impossible not to seem weird or crazy to those that are not creative. ‘This Is It’ gave me a new respect for his talent, his gentle spirit, and how he cared about the planet. I have this DVD as one of our Amazon favorites on our blog I would have LOVED to seen this show live!

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