meatless monday recipe: susur lee’s goat cheese & roasted beet tart…

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i am still reeling from last night’s top chef masters decision. it’s not that i didn’t like marcus, it’s just that i thought susur lee was amazing, brilliant, passionate, inspiring and a damn good chef. and i know this recipe for goat cheese & roasted beet tart is not the most seasonal choice, but the girls at youcook out of canada were so lucky to have the chance to cook with susur in his madeline’s restaurant (named after his mother), i hope you will forgive me for posting a dish with fall ingredients in june! and it is my little homage to susur and his talents…i tried to find an asian inspired dish online, but i think i will have to buy his “a culinary life” to be able to share those with you in future…

the youcook girls have easy to follow, step by step instructions (susur actually prepared three dishes in the course of an hour!). i think the tart, served with a mache salad and a lovely white wine, would be the perfect susur spring supper!

so here’s to susur (and the other chefs…i really enjoyed this season)…cheers!

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5 responses to “meatless monday recipe: susur lee’s goat cheese & roasted beet tart…

  1. Tes

    It sounds delicious! Thanks for those links, I love the recipes.

  2. mayo

    susur seduced me too…loved his potty mouth, his story, his passion, and everything he cooked looked fantastic!

  3. Thu

    Hey Joyce, just came across your site! Thanks so much for linking to our site and the kind words. I was also disappointed in the Top Chef decision last year!!

    • hello and (belated) welcome! you’re right, that was a disappointing episode…have you been watching the all star season? so many of my favorite chefs gone…i’m totally rooting for blais!

      thanks for visiting!


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