meatless monday recipe: veggie le crunch!

image from sprouted kitchen

it’s so funny when you are totally in sync with a favorite blog. yesterday, i had such a craving for salad. tim and i have been running on empty and grabbing meals as we go and the yearning for fresh veggies became too overwhelming for both of us. we had to sit down and take the time to load up on some fresh greens and boy, was it worth it! it totally fueled our day of errands (wash the dogs, wash the cars, work on the garden, go to REI, clean the house…i’m sure i missed something!). we were filled with so much energy (and no tummy overload), it was fantastic!

planning for memorial day, i didn’t want to do the usual veggie burger thing, so i went to visit sara & hugh’s blog, sprouted kitchen to see if there were any genius ideas…and as always, i wasn’t disappointed! she, too, writes about her body telling her it’s time to load up on vegetables and so, voila! please let me introduce you to her recipe for veggie le crunch! a fresh and delicious take on lettuce wraps – filled with radishes, cucumbers and black beans and topped with a lovely avocado dressing (with a little bit of kick from our good friend cholula)! hugh’s photos are so beautiful, i might even venture out of my comfort zone and add the pineapple (i’m not a big fan of fruit in my food)…but maybe since the grill will be going for the corn and potatoes (we are having a meatless monday memorial day), i could ask tim to grill the pineapple? and i might try cilantro instead of the basil (only because it’s growing like crazy in the garden and our basil is taking its sweet time).

and on a final note, i agree with sara…dress the veggies and then put them in the lettuce leaf…sorry, hugh!

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